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How To Optimize Space In Your Bedroom


If you’re living in small quarters, then you need to make the very most of the space you already have. You will need to be clever in your approach to saving space and utilizing every square inch which is afforded to you. Therefore, you should consider employing methods that trick the eye into seeing more space than there actually is. Below are four ways to help your bedroom appear larger than it might be.


By hanging mirrors on your bedroom walls, you can trick the eye into seeing space which might not exist. Mirrors reflect the interior of the room and allow the space to appear larger and wider as there’s simply more to be viewed, so with this in mind, think about adding a mirror, or two, to the design and layout of your bedroom.

Have A Small Number Of Large Pieces

Try and outfit your room with a select number of large-scale pieces rather than overcrowding the space you have with smaller items. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, it can work to open the space of a bedroom without it feeling overcrowded, busy, and stifling. Start by choosing the large furniture in your bedroom like your bed, your wardrobe, and your chest of drawers. Wooden sleigh beds from Revival Beds can help a room to appear larger as they aren’t raised as high up from the floor as usual standard bed frames, which in turn will help your bedroom to feel more spacious. These types of beds are great for loft rooms and any bedrooms with a sloping ceiling since they’re lower down and use floor space rather than taking up the height of your bedroom.

Use Ceiling Space

Step into your bedroom and view all walls up to the height of the ceiling, take a step back and survey exactly what you’re working with so that you can plan accordingly. Using wall space allows you to keep the floor space of your room clearer, thus allowing the space you’re going to be spending your time in as clear from clutter as possible.  If your bedroom is small in proportion, then you’re going to have to get creative in learning to store your things. It’s highly likely that you’re going to be needing your wall space for shelving units and the low ceiling area for hanging items such as nets ready to be filled with your belongings. If you’re short of drawer space, then this could work for you as a net provides a handy place for storing relatively flat items like folded clothes. Add clothing hooks to the inside of your doors and high up to the ceiling of your room.

Think Outside Of The Box

If your bedroom is best described as being a box room, then it’s worthwhile searching how travelers best kit out their rolling homes. You should look at how small vans are converted into living spaces as their owners travel with all their essentials gathered over a very small space. Have your measuring kit at the ready so that you can prepare to take stock of the exact measurements of your bedroom and know what’s going to fit, and what’s not.