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Top Reasons To Invest In Home Security Systems

Anyone investing untold thousands of dollars in their home would be wise to take every possible action to protect that investment. It only stands to reason. And while installing better locks and putting bars around windows and other similar measures play a role, the number one affordable way to guard your home is through a […]

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Tips on How to Create an RFI in Construction

RFIs create an active channel of communication in the construction industry. It is used to answer questions, clarify ambiguities and fill the information gaps in the construction process. For instance, one can submit RFI on a project drawing which is unclear, or a specification of an outdated product, incomplete or inaccurate or when a requirement […]

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How to Prevent an Accidental House Fire

House fires cause over $7 billion in damages every year according to the American Red Cross, and the unfortunate fact is that most can be prevented. Conducting regular fire safety checks and knowing what to do in the event of a fire can help prevent you from becoming a part of that statistic. Below are […]

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5 Top Real Estate Tools Every Agent Needs Now

It’s a good time to be in the real estate business. Plenty of people are looking to buy a new home or sell property, and savvy real estate agents are in the perfect position to make money. The only problem is that you have to compete with other agents if you want to get ahead. […]

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9 Airbnb Cleaning Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Guest

Paris, London, New York – wherever you want to go on your next vacation, there’s an Airbnb for that. And one recent study showed that 91% of Airbnb users were so satisfied with their rental that they’d happily recommend the service to others. As an Airbnb host, that’s great news for you… as long as you provide them with […]

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Common Boiler Issues Homeowners Must Deal with

Boiler issues are one of the most inconvenient problems any homeowner faces, especially if you have tenants. Not only can they make your tenants’ life miserable, but it is your duty to supply them with hot water and heating or else you could be prosecuted. In this article, we’re going to run down some of […]

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