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How To Buy A Property In Slovenia

Is visiting Slovenia on your bucket list? This Balkan country is known for its beautiful mountains, with ski resorts, lakes, and ancient architecture. It’s no longer the best kept secret of Europe and many visitors go a step further, and buy a home for their own use exclusively or to use for their holidays and […]

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How to Live Luxe in a Small Apartment

Depending on the city you live in or what your budget is, a small apartment might be your only option for housing. But just because your place is particularly petite, doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously. Whether it’s picking the perfect environment for you or strategically decorating, there are plenty of ways to turn your […]

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Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Real Estate Agent

Purchasing a new property is an exciting event that many people look forward to, but without proper guidance from a qualified realtor, it can quickly turn into an exhausting nightmare. In order to make your property-buying experience as stress-free as possible, it is important to understand how to make the most of your real estate […]

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First Time Home Buyer Things to Know: 5 Pivotal Considerations

Buying a home for the first time is an incredible feat. But the process could become a defeat if you go into it with blinders on. It’s important to understand the pivotal considerations needed as you make preparations. 985,000 homes became residences to first-time home buyers this year. A positive victory for the home-buying market. […]

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How to Survive a Long-Distance Move

Did you know that in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14% of the population undertook a household move; that’s approximately 40 million people! There are many reasons why people move including housing, employment or to be nearer friends and family. Moving to a new home is stressful, but if you move interstate or […]

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Pre-Fabulous: 8 Fabulous Reasons to Buy a Prefab House

Are you thinking about building a new home for you and your family? If so, you have the option of buying a piece of land and building your home from scratch on site with the help of a general contractor. It’ll allow you to completely customize your home, and despite what you may have heard, […]

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