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buying land in Canada

The Dos and Don’ts when Buying Land in Canada

To put it simply at the very beginning, in Canada, purchasing property is relatively easier when compared to other developed countries. From the point of residency, if you are staying in Canada for less than six months a year, then you will be considered a non-residence by the Canadian Government, which still makes you entitled […]

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Buying Your First Home: Steps to Secure

Achieving your big goals in life like buying your first house will definitely make you feel happy, fulfilled and proud. However, you should make sure that you are 100 percent prepared before making any decision especially as big as buying a house. You do not want your dream to become a nightmare because of your […]

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4 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Eugene, Oregon

Oregon has had a massive boost in real estate recently and more and more people are considering relocating to the area. With its quasi-infinite wildlife, tons of lakes, and proximity to great cities like Portland and others in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no surprise why so many people would want to live there. Eugene, Oregon, […]

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