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5 Main Reasons to get an Electrical Inspection Before Buying a Home


Electricity is a big part of our lives today. With all the devices that require electrical power nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a life without electricity. When moving into a new home there are many reasons for you to have an electrical inspection.You wouldn’t want to have all your devices overwhelmed or have the circuit breaker constantly cutting you off.

Below are some of the reasons you would want to have your house inspected.

1. Inspect the Outlets

Outlets are where we plug in all the different appliances so that they can access electrical power. Older homes may have loose outlets that do not hold the cord firmly when plugged in. The stability of the outlets should also be checked to ensure its firmness. Some outlets might be detached from the walls. This exposes naked wires which could lead to electrocution.

Different outlets should also be installed in different places. For example, in the kitchen or garage where appliances may require a lot of power. The outlets should not supply the same amount of power as those in the bedrooms to avoid overloading personal appliances.

2. Faulty Wiring

You can never be too safe when it comes to electricity. There is always a need to check for any previous mistakes in the electrical wiring of the house. In old houses the wiring may be worn out and lead to problems in the future. Electrical inspection can help detect flaws in wiring to avoid future problems. Possible Future Electrical Needs During the time of construction, the owners might not have intended to have many appliances that require power. They would have installed few outlets which are not enough for the new family.

It is important to consider the possible future needs of the family and make timely adjustments before it becomes complicated to start modifying the system. Adjusting the wiring first may help to cut on costs.

3. Changes in the Electrical System

As technology advances, changes in the electrical system are inevitable. Older homes were not designed to handle the electrical needs of modern-day appliances. Discoloration of the outlets is a sign that the electric system was being overloaded and has the potential to cause a fire.

It is important to get the opinion of an electrical expert to ensure that the wiring is up to date with the current energy requirements of the new family. Houses older than 30 years might be using different outlets, fuses and switches. Changing these components is necessary before moving into the new house.

4. Degraded Wiring

Given time, everything on this earth has a lifespan. Even with electric wiring, it is necessary to check for old degraded wiring that could spark fires. Even if the wiring was done perfectly, the sheathing on the wires could be eaten by rats exposing electric wires to each other and other elements of degradation. This then leads to dangerous situations where short circuits can occur and start fires.

Each year, more than 40,000 house fires start due to faulty electrical work. This can be avoided by ensuring that all electrical systems are compatible with the modern appliances. There are many reasons for electrical inspection. Hiring an electrical professional to inspect the state of the wiring in the house helps to avoid electrical hazards.