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Become A Master General Contractor With These Tips

Being a general contractor is an exciting job, but it also requires a lot of patience and skill on your part. Be open and willing to improve your ways if you want to truly master the business of being a general contractor. The following tips will allow you to win over more customers and help […]

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Planning a New Design Project in Your Home

You might be thinking of a change of design in your home, or want to start transforming a new home with your personal style. Or you might want to create a wow factor in your house when you’re putting it on the market. Whatever your reasons for contemplating a change, there are a number of […]

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How to Find the Right Local Electrician

If you need some electrical work done urgently or you just want to have the right person lined up in case you have an emergency, you’ll need to find the right electrician. The reality is, there are tons of electricians in your local area and a quick look either online or in the paper will […]

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How to create wonderful bedrooms

If you’ve been considering it for a while and are finally ready to transform your property, you should start with your bedrooms because this is a brilliant opportunity for you to give all of your loved ones a unique space to enjoy. You will also be left with a safe haven to call your own. […]

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5 Driveway Ideas That Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Having great curb appeal is one of the most important ways to contribute to your home’s overall value. It makes sense, right? You wouldn’t spend weeks preparing for that important job interview, then roll out of bed and head there without brushing your teeth or changing out of your pajamas. Curb appeal matters. There’s no […]

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Three Low-Commitment Home Upgrades That Boost Property Value

Whether you are looking to sell your property or rent it out, you want to get the highest price possible. Maximising the return on your property investment is key to good financial health, but achieving this isn’t always easy. Boosting property value can be a challenge. Making major changes, such as installing ensuites, constructing extra […]

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5 Reasons To Test Your Air Quality

You breathe in air every day, it’s essential to your survival. You probably wrinkle your nose when you get a hint of an unpleasant smell; particularly in your home, but do you ever actually consider the air quality? In the western world, and in particular the southern hemisphere where there’s less population and overcrowding and […]

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How to transform the exterior of your property

If you are currently unsatisfied with your home, you should be on the lookout for opportunities to make improvements. Instead of making do with a substandard living space, it is essential that you are both pleased and proud of your property. If you are wondering where to begin your transformation, why not start with the […]

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7 Add-ons That Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Do you know how much the homeowners in the United States made for selling their home in April 2018? A whopping $407,300, that’s how much! This shows a considerable jump from the $377,800 average home sales price in January this year. It also displays the continued increase in existing home prices, which already rose 5.8% […]

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Tips for boosting the value of your home

Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or want to take steps to boost its value over time, there are plenty of ways to achieve your goal. While some of the bigger potential renovations – such as adding on a conservatory, for example – are often value-boosters, it is also […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Garage’s Storage Space

There is no set standard when it comes to organizing your garage. Every garage is different, just as the purpose and storage needs vary. While the garage is often visualized as a neglected and overcrowded space, it certainly does not have to be. With some reorganization and creative thinking, the garage can become a prime […]

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What A New Roof Can Do For Your Home

Remodelling your home, can greatly improve it’s value. It can also modernise it and for sale, if you’re replacing your roof it can assure prospective buyers of it’s weather tightness and structural integrity. Therefore replacing your old roof is one task worth doing, although it is a fairly expensive job so analyse the cost versus […]

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How to Transform Your Home to Make the Most of Summer

Summer is the best time of the year. It is when we are statistically the happiest, when we spend the most time outdoors when we finally get that essential vitamin D, when the food is fresh, and so much more. Summer needs to be taken advantage of for the short time that it is here, […]

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