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5 Ways To Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

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Not everyone is blessed with the ability to move houses so that they can have a larger property. Some of us love the home we already have and so wish to make changes to our existing house, while others do not want the stress of moving from one place to another. However, this leaves you with the problem of how to make a smaller space seem bigger.

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A Higher Ceiling

It isn’t always possible to make your ceilings physically higher than they already are, but you can still give that impression fairly easily. You can paint or even wallpaper the ceiling the same shade as your walls so that the room feels much taller. This is because there is no space between the different shades. To make this clever optical illusion even more realistic, you can install low profile furniture within the room too.

Of course, in some cases you may actually want to raise the ceiling, and this can look wonderful. It will depend on what is above the room, but extending up into an attic, for example, can offer a wonderfully spacious and opulent-looking bedroom. To ensure a good job and that the finish is beautiful, looking for and contacting experts such as Titus Contracting’s Scott Rajavuori of MN means you can have an end product that is safe and finished correctly.

Use Light Colors

A straightforward way to add the feeling of more space within a room is to use only light colors when decorating the room in question. Darker colors will make the room feel more closed in, which is the last thing you want to happen when you are attempting to make things look bigger. White, for example, has reflective properties, so this can work extremely well. However, white can look cold and clinical, but if you combine it with furniture and accessories that are made in warmer tones – perhaps cream, brown, or wood – then it can be offset. This can be a winning combination.

Furniture That Fits

Having furniture that fits the room might not be something that you consider when you go out to purchase it, but it can make a big difference to the overall look. The balance certainly needs to be struck; if you choose furniture that is oversized, then it will make the room look small. If you choose smaller pieces, then the room may look larger but it can also look uncomfortable. Sometimes too much space is just as bad as too little. Ideally, you don’t want to have to push furniture right up against the walls to make it fit, so you will want to take measurements with you when you go furniture shopping.

If you are trying to fit too many pieces of furniture into the room, why not consider looking for furniture that has multiple uses? A couch can become a bed, and a footstool can have additional storage, for example. This will save space in the room.

The legs of any piece of furniture is another aspect to consider. If the furniture is placed directly on the floor, they can cause the room to look smaller. If they have legs, there is more chance for light to flow around the furniture, and this creates an idea of openness and space.


Having mirrors in a small room is a great tip if you want to give the appearance of more space. Mirrors reflect light, of course, and if you position them so that they are reflecting as much light as possible, the room will seem lighter, brighter, and larger. You might even be able to place the mirror where it not only reflects light, but also some of the outside too, and this is another way to give yourself the feeling of additional space.

Rugs And Drapes

Rugs and drapes can certainly make a room seem smaller if they aren’t the right ones for the room itself. Rugs, for example, make a room look smaller because they are drawing the eye down to the floor, causing people to look down rather than up (this is especially true if they are darker than the rest of the room). Drapes can have the same problem, and if they are also made of heavy material, the entire room will feel more closed in. Using lighter colors and thinner materials is something that will help in this instance.

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