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Home insurance premiums show significant increase throughout 2018

Homeowners have been hit with significant rising costs in 2018. Weather Events Property insurance premiums are now beyond reach for many homeowners and it’s apparently it’s not just areas that have suffered a major weather event. These areas that have suffered destructive hurricanes like Katrina, Irma and Maria or tropical cyclones in Atlantic and Indian […]

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Understanding Landlord’s Insurance

Are you a would-be property investor with your sights set on the buy-to-let property which will one day blossom into a booming portfolio? If so, you likely know by now that there really is no such thing as passive income. Landlords have a veritable cornucopia of considerations when it comes to generating an income through […]

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Mortgage PPI: Could You Have Been Mis-Sold Your Policy?

The true extent of how many banks and lenders had been mis-selling PPI became clear in the late 2000’s, and when millions of people approached them to file for compensation.  So what is a PPI? It stands for Payment Protection Insurance and later on in the article we go into it in detail. Banks and lenders […]

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5 essentials for success in the construction sector

If you are reading this article, you could have reached one of various stages in a journey towards thriving in a construction job. Perhaps you have only just left full-time education and are now seeking a job. Alternatively, you might be running a thriving firm and seeking some new recruits. In any of these situations, […]

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The Importance Of Having The Right Cover As A Landlord

Becoming a landlord can be an exciting time but renting out property is never going to be a risk-free activity. Only the luckiest of landlords never encounter rogue tenants or avoid a few unintentional accidents that nevertheless cause costly damage. Putting some money aside for repairs and accidents is vital for any landlord’s budget but […]

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The Risks and the Costs of Insuring your Move

Moving house, whether it is locally or international, can be an expensive affair. Hiring removalists, paying for professional cleaning, and paying travel expenses for yourself can all add up if you’re not careful. So how can you know which areas are worth spending money on and which aren’t? Insurance is something that we all know […]

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Covering Your Bases: When Do You Need a Contractors Insurance?

As a tradesperson, you’re an important part of our society; it’s thanks to you that the living space that we occupy is functional, comfortable, and in a good shape. However, due to the very nature of this business, you often find yourself in a position where you’re self-employed, and when taking on new jobs, there’s […]

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How First-Time Landlords Can Avoid Big Insurance Mistakes

Landlord insurance is a must-have for those who plan to lease a residential or commercial space. Yet many landlords are guilty of selecting the wrong policy when first starting out. If you are a first-time landlord and want to avoid common pitfalls, you’ll need to learn how to compare insurance quotes for your property. To […]

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New Property? Tips on How to Properly Secure Your New Home

Becoming homeowners is thrilling, especially if it’s your first step onto the property ladder. Getting your first place that you can not only decorate, but change and truly make yours is wonderful, but unless you go in with a focus on making it safe and secure, you’re putting yourself at risk. Garda has documented a […]

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