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The Risks and the Costs of Insuring your Move

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Moving house, whether it is locally or international, can be an expensive affair. Hiring removalists, paying for professional cleaning, and paying travel expenses for yourself can all add up if you’re not careful. So how can you know which areas are worth spending money on and which aren’t? Insurance is something that we all know we should have, but sometimes just don’t bother with because it’s one more extra cost that we would rather not pay.

Home Contents Insurance

If you own a significant amount of items that you would consider valuable inside your home, you may want to consider purchasing home contents insurance. This covers most of your valuables, including furniture, electrical goods, clothes, linen, toys, and more. This is a good option if you have valuables you are worried about but are not concerned about the house itself.

Home Buildings Insurance

If you own your home, you probably know that it is worth quite a lot. Houses can be expensive to build, and if you’re lucky, can often increase in value by the time you move out to your next home. During the moving process, you might be concerned about leaving your old home exposed, particularly if it is older or in a location where weather can be severe. With building insurance, if your home is damaged or destroyed, your insurance company will help you repair it or even completely rebuild it if necessary.

Renter’s Contents Insurance

Perhaps you aren’t a homeowner and prefer to rent? This means your contents are your most valuable assets. You can still be at risk of losing your possessions to fire, theft, or damage of some kind. With rental insurance, you can be assured that you will be covered if the property you are renting is damaged. Renter’s insurance will generally cover you for theft, fire, storm, earthquake, vandalism, accidental breakage, and water bursts. While this won’t ensure you have somewhere to live if your house burns down, it will ensure that your contents are protected.

Storage Units

If you are planning on storing your possessions in a storage unit temporarily during the moving process, you may want to consider purchasing insurance or checking if your current insurance policy covers storage units. Although storage units are generally fairly secure facilities, they are out of your hands and there is nothing you can do if somebody breaks in. If you are planning on storing items of considerable value, it might be worth pricing out insurance options, as this way you are covered if anything happens.

Even though moving locally may seem like a fairly safe affair, you can never predict when something might go wrong. Weather can change rapidly, causing damage to your home or contents, if you’re home is not fully secured you may have your possessions stolen, and during the transportation, process items may be damaged or destroyed. Depending on how valuable you consider your assets, it may be worth taking out insurance to give you some peace-of-mind and ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.