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New York

How To Budget When Moving House In A Big City

When you decide to move to a big city, there’s a lot to consider. You might need to think about the type of neighborhood you want to live in as well as education options if you have children. Commute times are also going to be another issue to think about and of course, you need […]

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get onto property ladder

How To Get A Property Before You’re 30

With property prices continuing to soar and average yearly earnings stagnating, it should be no surprise that millennials are finding it much harder to buy their own property than previous generations. The statistics are clear: first-time property buyers are getting older, while the percentage of those in their twenties who own property is shrinking. Only […]

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moving house

Moving house? How to avoid becoming a horror story

You are probably aware of how stressful moving house can be. Removals are definitely one of the worst parts because you are trusting strangers with your most personal and perhaps valuable possessions. Should you worry more about the UHDTV getting damaged, or the baby pictures getting lost? The truth is that in the worst case […]

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first home buyer

4 Things To Do As A New Homeowner

Buying your own property for the first time is perhaps a moment the vast majority of us consider a watershed moment. It’s a milestone that’s celebrated everywhere as a moment in time that will be most likely remembered forever. After all it’s some achievement, there was the deposit to save and the home loan to […]

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house fire

How To Reduce The Risk Of A Fire In Your Home

It’s easy to dismiss fire risks and assume that you’ll be fine. After all, this is just one of those things that just happens to other people, right? Wrong. Fire risks are real and if you don’t know the risks and potential fire hazards lurking in your home, you’ll put yourself and your family at […]

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home garden flowers

How Can We Stop Our Land From Being Degraded?

You probably selected your home because you fell in love with it and it suited your needs. You might have needed a larger house for a growing family or a smaller house as your family start to leave home. But the one thing you haven’t thought when buying your home is ‘This will definitely go […]

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Sell your own home

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals

Finding the best real estate deals has become a whole lot easier since the real estate sales industry has taken it online. You may be an investor looking for your next rental property or you a speculator looking for a property to flip, or a home owner just looking to move on. Real Estate listings […]

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In A World Where Knowledge Is Power

The Internet has made information readily available to billions of people. Using a tool like a computer or smartphone; it’s easy to connect with the rest of the world in a heartbeat. And, all of these technologies are getting faster. The ease of access most people have to facts and figures is amazing. But, with […]

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The Implications Of Excavation On Your Land

If you are thinking about building a home, the one thing you really have to consider is the value of the land that the property will be on. After the approvals and permissions have gone through, the coast is clear, right? If you have chosen an area that is away from the cities and localized […]

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