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5 Reasons You May Need to Rekey Your Home

In the USA the nationwide burglary rate has remained relatively constant since about 2001. The statistics, suggest a person is much more likely to be victim of a home burglary than of identity theft or similar offence. Furthermore, while the number of burglaries has dropped significantly since the 1990s the actual number of events is […]

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How To Find A Reputable HVAC Company

Important information for finding a reputable HVAC company The odds are good that you’ll have plenty of different HVAC companies to pick and choose from in your local area when it comes time to find a reputable HVAC supplier. In fact you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the selection of product and service providers and it […]

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Is Your Family Ready for a High Tech Home?

In today’s world, it seems as if almost everything is automated, even some fast food services. Technology has taken us to places we might never have thought possible even just 10 years ago. Driverless cars, simply pressing a button on your phone to make a purchase, and devices that give us instant feedback on our […]

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