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Home Lifts

Almost every tall building or skyscraper out there has a lift. From the bottom to the top, taking the stairs can be taxing and so, the lift was invented to combat this. We’ve gone from lifts that were powered by hand, to lifts that can dart up 200ft in moments. This is down to the […]

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Greener Buildings Made Possible With Robots

If you’re a fan of Instagram, or you like to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to news and technological advances, you may have stumbled across incredible images of living walls and green roofs. Commercial gardens are commanding more and more attention, and a growing number of businesses and property owners are […]

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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Businesses have jumped on board and developed systems and products so the money-smart homeowner can find lots of ways to lower their energy costs. Websites offering a free service to calculate energy costs, and present the energy providers likely charges has empowered property occupants to take control of their energy use and get a better […]

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Tech Up Your Property for the 21st Century

Technology has entered into every corner of our professional and personal lives. A smart thermostat that keeps your home warm and saves you money. A fridge that tells you’re about to run out of milk and butter. A doorbell that is connected to your phone lets you check who’s ringing without opening your door. For […]

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How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

The growing need to live a greener lifestyle has shown many people that living more eco-friendly can benefit your wallet as much as the environment. By making green changes to your property, you not only improve your own energy efficiency but also reduce your ongoing bills at the same time. There are numerous ways how […]

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Smarter and Better Business Security Through ADT Systems

Security for offices is important because they’re often left unattended for many hours in the evening and overnight, along with all weekend. For offices that don’t have a security guard, remote security systems that can provide motion sensors, window and door sensors, live camera feeds, and other benefits that puts the business owner at the […]

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