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GDPR and Property Industry

How GDPR will change the property sector

By now, many people have heard of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU. Some are probably sick of hearing about it. However, although the date when it will come into effect, 25 May 2018, is rapidly approaching, whether people have done anything about it is another question. It’s vital for those […]

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future of real estate industry

Real Estate In The Modern World: What Will The Future Hold?

When it comes to real estate, what we currently know or believe to be true is always changing. Much like many other industries, technology and the internet have really changed the way that real estate work. In the past, realtors have their offices, and tenants or buyers would do business directly with the agent in […]

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7 High-Tech Features that Increase Your Home Value

Technology continues to change the way we complete everyday tasks. Many homeowners are incorporating technological features into their households to improve convenience and safety. Is it possible that these same high-tech upgrades could also increase a home’s resale value? There are a few technological upgrades that can indeed increase the resale value of your home. […]

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10 powerful ways technology is transforming the construction industry

Construction is rapidly changing and technology has played a tremendous role in regards to this transformation. The perplexity of building projects is going up, while productivity and efficiency rates are going down. As a result, the advent of digitization can be a valuable gift for the sector. Nonetheless, many construction stakeholders still can’t fully understand […]

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person holding mobile

How technology can help you to navigate the property market

Engaging with the property market is a fantastic way for you to improve your finances and increase your plans for the future. Unlike the stock market and risky start-up schemes, the property market offers a certain amount of security. However, this is only the case if you understand how to navigate it effectively. Luckily technology […]

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How Has Technology Changed The Buying & Selling Process?

Like almost every industry, the real estate sector has been significantly impacted by technology. Today, whether you are buying a property, selling one, or are a realtor who specializes in property, technology will be an integral part of buying, selling or working in the industry. The good news is that new digital tools are making […]

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house keys

5 Reasons You May Need to Rekey Your Home

In the USA the nationwide burglary rate has remained relatively constant since about 2001. The statistics, suggest a person is much more likely to be victim of a home burglary than of identity theft or similar offence. Furthermore, while the number of burglaries has dropped significantly since the 1990s the actual number of events is […]

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real estate transactions

The Use of Virtual Data Rooms for Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are highly detailed in how they are constructed and documented. When a property is in the process of being financed or sold, it is important that all necessary documentation be presented to the parties of interest in an organized format that is also marketable. The use of a virtual data room, also […]

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caution on computer

How To Find A Reputable HVAC Company

Important information for finding a reputable HVAC company The odds are good that you’ll have plenty of different HVAC companies to pick and choose from in your local area when it comes time to find a reputable HVAC supplier. In fact you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the selection of product and service providers and it […]

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