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How Improved GIS Is Making Real Estate Investments Easier


As we spend more time online, using sites that provide more data than just house prices, is making it easier to do real estate deals, i.e. buy rental properties. Property investors don’t buy a property because it feels or looks good. What’s most important is the numbers make it a great investment and this is where improved GIS software is a gamechanger for buying properties unseen.

What is GIS?

The geographic information system (GIS) contains data about objects in the form of their digital representations.

GIS technology brings together two different types of data. Spatial data is the basis for creating a base map, and attribute data give this map the required specificity.

The latest generation GIS, in addition to the traditional geo-relational data model, uses a new object-oriented geo-data model. It allows you to work with real objects and not just records in the database and allows you to configure objects by setting methods for managing them in advance. Therefore, this makes the GIS technology a versatile tool, for example, it can be valuable in different sectors like GIS: real estate but also other sectors including:

  • healthcare
  • urban planning
  • forestry and timber
  • banking

Plus GIS data is useful in areas of business including marketing, and sales.


Today GIS of various territorial scopes is the most promising information system for solving business and management tasks. There are two trends in their use.

The first is to apply geo-information data in different applications directly, and this requires the user to learn the basics of geo-informatics. As a result of this trend, new directions in business appeared – geo-marketing.

The second is to create a GIS that is transparent to the user, which enables him to operate with well-known concepts without resorting to specialized knowledge in the field of geoinformatics. Aspectum is a GIS software provider that has successfully taken it upon itself, to fulfill the second task, and make the system available for any user.

Facilitating the development and application of GIS for non-specialist users in geo-informatics their clients like those in the real estate sector can provide valuable data for their site users. For example, when you’re in the market for an investment property, you don’t want to travel around areas in person when you can get the information you need to make an informed decision online and without leaving your seat!

Sales of real estate with the help of GIS products over the past decade have increased in the world by more than 30 times and exceeded $300 million, while today, global sales in real estate with the help of GIS are estimated at $2 billion per year.

GIS: Use-cases Real Estate and Development

Surveying data on measurements and methods of geometric display of objects of the Earth’s surface in time and space today, in the context of global digitalization of society, is becoming increasingly important. The widespread everyday use of navigation satellite systems is the evidence including the geographic information space that allows you to automate many areas of human activity, including in the field of inventory, design, navigation, and management.

In general, there are many examples of the use of GIS. It’s enough to imagine that there is a program with all the necessary information about the urban facility of interest. In particular, Aspectum systems can become an analytical resource that helps an investor in making the final decision on investing in one specific region.

In this 2011 document: Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets by UN Economic Commission for Europe Land Administration and the FIABCI Real Estate Market Advisory Group GIS data is used.


The fundamental point of that white paper was to push for the development of an intelligent system of regularly updated state registers, cadastral systems, and master plans for the regions. Thus, GIS, with state support, can ensure the legitimacy of asset ownership, which in turn will facilitate access to bank loans and insurance, and can also become a tool for the development of territories.


It’s not hard to see how useful GIS software is for business as well as real estate investors. As a property investor, why not visit sites that offer this data so you can make critical decisions like purchasing residential property in another region, state or country.

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