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green building

Sustainability: Good for Profits, Good for the Planet

Chances are you have been hearing about green building practices, especially if you’re interested in building new or buying a new home or commercial building. Resource-efficient buildings that save power and have a low environmental impact are more than a trend and there are many ways to build smarter and greener, from wall gardens and […]

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robot in building

Greener Buildings Made Possible With Robots

If you’re a fan of Instagram, or you like to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to news and technological advances, you may have stumbled across incredible images of living walls and green roofs. Commercial gardens are commanding more and more attention, and a growing number of businesses and property owners are […]

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spa pool

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Inflateable Hot Tubs

For most people, the idea of relaxing in their own hot tub often comes when the temperature begins to drop and the weather becomes colder. But who wouldn’t enjoy taking a nice dip into a hot tub after a long day at work? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a summer’s day or a cool winter’s […]

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How To Impress Your House Guests

There’s no doubt that sites like Airbnb offer incredible opportunities to make a bit of extra cash on the side. Income from unused bedrooms can exceed £900 a month – not bad when you consider that the room would have lain empty otherwise. What’s more, income from vacationers can help you afford your next holiday, […]

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co living space

Co-Living Impresses

From single-family homes to yurts, your housing options are as varied as the people that live in them. Buying a home, or even renting one can be a big commitment and that’s why Co-living is now hugely popular offering the occupier private rooms and shared communal spaces. Co Living Has Global Reach In the UK, […]

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water filter system

Whole house water filtration: Is it worth it?

Why would homeowners consider a whole house water filtration system? Well, the quality of the water that comes out of household taps is not what it used to be. There are more chemicals in it and our knowledge of the how harmful these chemicals are to our health, has not only improved, it’s shared in […]

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talk plumbing on blog

Blogging Tips For Property Tradies Like Plumbers

Blogging is for every business in the age of digital marketing and that includes property industry tradies like electricians and plumbers. Yes, you may be wondering: but what do tradies have to talk about on a website blog that people would find interesting? Well, just about everything as we all live in houses and use […]

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vertical gardens

Three Types Of Living Walls

There are three types of living walls and they have quite distinctive qualities so it pays to do your research before making your selection. Many of you may be wondering what a living wall is and what all the fuss is about. Well, it could be a trend or fad or it could be the […]

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