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water filter system

Whole house water filtration: Is it worth it?

Why would homeowners consider a whole house water filtration system? Well, the quality of the water that comes out of household taps is not what it used to be. There are more chemicals in it and our knowledge of the how harmful these chemicals are to our health, has not only improved, it’s shared in […]

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talk plumbing on blog

Blogging Tips For Property Tradies Like Plumbers

Blogging is for every business in the age of digital marketing and that includes property industry tradies like electricians and plumbers. Yes, you may be wondering: but what do tradies have to talk about on a website blog that people would find interesting? Well, just about everything as we all live in houses and use […]

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vertical gardens

Three Types Of Living Walls

There are three types of living walls and they have quite distinctive qualities so it pays to do your research before making your selection. Many of you may be wondering what a living wall is and what all the fuss is about. Well, it could be a trend or fad or it could be the […]

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Three Space Saving Bed Ideas For Small Apartments

Between 1996-2014 the size of the average apartment in Toronto decreased by 20%, despite the fact that there was still an average of three people living there. With real estate being at a premium in the city, property developers are simply building smaller spaces for us to live in. This means that we need to […]

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home interior

How To: The Modern Rustic Home

It’s frequently said that if you want to be happy, live a simple life. Well, we can’t really always get the quiet country lifestyle we want, but what we can do, is get that rural feel in our own homes. There are steps you can take to get  that simple, relaxing home environment that so […]

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design house

Increasing the Value of Your Home with Solar Lighting

The Solar Lighting System –As the use of solar energy is increasing, the solar lighting practice at home is also getting advanced. Now days you have a lot of variants for solar lights that are attractive in looking, noticeable in use and very convenient in terms of costs. These solar lights are also known as […]

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storage unit

Decluttering Your Home: 5 Reasons To Use A Storage Unit

When you take a step back, you can be shocked to notice how quickly you’ve accumulate a ridiculous amount of “stuff” in your home. How many closets, basements or garages are packed full of items that you never use and may have never even taken out of the box? If you’re not that pleased with […]

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london brexit

Brexit Impact on the UK Property Market

When most people think about Brexit, they think about trade and travel. However, the potential ramifications do not solely lie in imports and exports but can also be found in the very homes we seek to buy. While the thought of homegrown independence was romanticised, the harsh reality is starting to buckle the UK; namely […]

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5 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

When you ask people about their dream homes, most will have a similar answer. They dream of mansions with lots of space and a swimming pool big enough to dive in. But that’s not everyone’s dream. Living in a tiny home has become a huge trend in recent years. There are TV shows about people […]

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