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How to Make Money from Property

Do you fancy yourself as a property developer or an investor? Maybe you’re a builder who wants to set up their own business, or you’ve developed a new technology that could revolutionize construction. Wherever your interests lay, there’s ample scope for you to turn a profit from bricks and mortar. Property markets are just as […]

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What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Property

Becoming a property owner is a bigger job than you might initially think or assume. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as deciding you want to buy a piece of land or a home and then sitting back and hoping all goes smoothly for you. There are a few specific points, in particular, you should consider […]

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The Intricacies Of Real Estate Investment In Europe

If you are looking to invest in overseas markets, property in Europe is likely to be high on your list of considerations. There is good reason for this – Europe is a stable continent, with many wonderful opportunities available – but there is a hidden downside you need to be aware of: the intricacies of […]

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Choosing a Profitable Land Development Strategy for Your Property

If you own a home that has land space to work with, there are a couple of options out there to develop your property and significantly increase earning potential from your assets. Building a minor dwelling and subdividing are both profitable ventures to be considered, especially if you live in the Auckland region, where this […]

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Start from the Bottom: How to Invest In Real Estate with No Money

It’s no secret that real estate is a big business. Fortunes are made in real estate everyday. It’s an industry that moves fast, and if you don’t make quick decisions and act when opportunities presents themselves, you will probably end up missing out. And yet, sometimes the funds needed to invest simply aren’t available. The […]

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