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Choosing a Profitable Land Development Strategy for Your Property

If you own a home that has land space to work with, there are a couple of options out there to develop your property and significantly increase earning potential from your assets. Building a minor dwelling and subdividing are both profitable ventures to be considered, especially if you live in the Auckland region, where this […]

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Start from the Bottom: How to Invest In Real Estate with No Money

It’s no secret that real estate is a big business. Fortunes are made in real estate everyday. It’s an industry that moves fast, and if you don’t make quick decisions and act when opportunities presents themselves, you will probably end up missing out. And yet, sometimes the funds needed to invest simply aren’t available. The […]

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5 Lessons You Can Learn From These Top Real Estate Developers

Do you want to learn how to make a killing in real estate? Curious how the world’s top real estate developers make their million-dollar sales? Real estate is one of the leading ways to improve your wealth, and the right strategies and research can skyrocket your sales. Let’s get into the top lessons from the […]

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Investors Compare Residential To Commercial Property

The decision to invest, or invest further, in property is a big one, and one that usually only takes place after a long period of consultation and consideration. However, the decision to invest in property is just the first in a long line of choices, all of which need to be made correctly in order […]

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How First Time Landlords Can Protect Their Investment

Becoming a first-time landlord is a lot like becoming a first-time parent.  For starters, there is the responsibility. Sure, you don’t have to change your tenant’s diapers, make sure they eat their vegetables, or go to bed. But you will need to make sure their apartments are livable, and this can be mean early morning […]

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AirBnB Property Presentation Tips

Who sees your AirBnB property more than you do? Your cleaner! Are you surprised? If your AirBnB property is doing well with regular bookings then the person or team that will see it the most will be the cleaners and they won’t be cleaning your property exclusively. If their business is doing really well, they’ll […]

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How to Optimize Your Multi-Family Real Estate Investment

Purchasing multi-family real estate is a great investment for your future. These versatile properties are easy to rent for some extra income and are also perfect to fix up and sell for a quick profit. However, it’s important not to jump into an investment hastily. Make sure that you have all the information you need […]

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