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6 ways to increase construction productivity

A decrease in productivity is a worry for any industry, but it seems to be having a major effect on the construction sector in particular. In fact, a report from Mace suggested that the UK is missing out on more than a whopping £100bn of annual economic activity due to a productivity gap from the […]

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5 Things to Consider Before You Build or Buy a Tiny Home

Tiny house living can seem like a dream to some people, but if you aren’t careful, might end up looking more like a nightmare. This is because there is so much to consider when making such a big life change! When you build or buy a tiny home, you’re committing to living minimally. You’re saying […]

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4 Concerns When Building Your Own Property

If you are hoping for your own property some time soon one of the best ways to do so is to build it yourself. Of course, this is particularly popular amongst those who have some understanding of how it works, but no matter who you re you should find that you are able to build […]

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technology in construction industry

Understanding the Modern Construction Industry

With the advancement in technology, the construction industry has been rapidly evolving. Over the past few years, many changes have been introduced in the industry to make it more secure. It has been found that several technological devices and solutions are now implemented that has made construction interesting and everlasting. It is important for us […]

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5 Professions That Could Help You Build Your Dream Home

If you’ve been thinking of building your own house for a while, you’re probably aware how much of a daunting task it could be. While it’s not a decision that you should take lightly, it’s one that could give you the house you’ve always wanted, at a lower cost than if you bought it. However […]

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log cabin

What to Know Before Building a Log Cabin

Log cabins are the quintessential symbol of rest, relaxation, and rustic living. Whether you opt to build a log cabin as a primary residence or private retreat, these one-of-a-kind dwellings are filled with charm and natural beauty. Building a log cabin has a lot of idiosyncrasies that should be given careful consideration before committing to […]

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new vs existing home purchase

Your First Home: Should You Buy or Should You Build?

Now that you’ve saved enough money for your first home, the first order of business is to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Congratulations, you are about to achieve another major milestone in your adult life! However don’t get too carried away just yet there’s a lot to do to get your new […]

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How Do Builders Price New Homes?

If you are considering building your own home then you are probably starting to wonder how a builder prices new home. After all, they are working from scratch and there are many pitfalls which can increase the time and costs. It’s no surprise that more Australians are building their own hopes than ever before. Despite […]

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