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Construction, Not Destruction! Working With Your Builder

The core of any good building project, whether you’re building an extension or building a full house from the ground up, is not the tools or the foundation, but the relationship you have with your builder. Really, the right builder will understand how to work with you, and the relationship needs to work right from […]

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Your Checklist For Your New Home

Deciding to construct your own home is a massive decision. It is not something that you should rush into without doing your research and reading around the subject. There are many decisions that you will have to make along the way and you want to ensure that you are making the right choices at every […]

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Is Building Your Own Home Right For You?

In the search for an ideal property to live in, many people are considering a risky, yet rewarding project. The option to build their own home. Now, this is not for everybody as the DIY skills and architectural planning involved are beyond most people’s grasp. Even when hiring professionals, the costs will mount up.

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What Needs to Be Considered When Building-To-Let

Building a property and renting it out is a popular trend in the world of letting. Whether it be a house or a series of flats that are built and rented out, build-to-let is now overtaking buy-to-let. So, if you are a landlord or are a prospective landlord, then it may be prudent to now […]

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Building A Home Or Building A Legacy?

It’s not something many people could do on their own. Yet the person who gets the ball rolling, manages the finances and approves the final design will be forever known as the builder of that home. You might not personally lift a brick. But the legacy you’ll leave on that property will last a lifetime.

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To An Extend… Expanding Your Home

Feeling the squeeze in your current home is something everybody gets at some point. Expanding families mean that you are faced with a dilemma, expand your home or leave completely? Moving home is a massive cost, we all know that, and no doubt it has crossed your mind that to build an extension is a […]

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