modular home

A Home is in Your Future: Modular Home Financing Tips

Prefab manufactured home use in the US has grown to reach revenue of $10 billion in 2018. With so many people opting for modular homes, are you missing out? What do you do if you need modular home financing? Is financing a modular home the same as financing a traditional home? Continue reading this article […]

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wheelchair access

Handicap Homes: 8 Ways to Make a Home Disability Friendly

Did you know that over 131 million people in the world need a wheelchair? It’s no wonder that more homes have to be built with a wheelchair in mind. Do you need to alter a home for somebody disabled? To create handicap homes, you need to know what they’ll need to be comfortable. Keep reading […]

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Do We Need Mortgage Brokers?

For decades prospective homeowners have looked to mortgage brokers to help them to find the best deal on a mortgage product and ensure that they find a product that’s right for their needs. Not only are they trusted in helping to set up an initial mortgage, they are also relied upon to keep changing the […]

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property taxes

Is it Time for a Second Mortgage?

We love to dream big, but when our dreams don’t match our bank accounts, it is time to become financially creative and look for solutions. One way to get more money fast is to use your home as collateral and get a second mortgage, also known as a “Home Equity Loan”. The name also gives […]

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How Can an Online Mortgage Broker Help You?

Wondering if using a mortgage broker is the right choice for you? Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever have to make. While saving money and finding deals yourself might sound like an appealing option, remember the sheer amount you’ll be borrowing. Getting a property isn’t like buying a holiday, […]

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house interior

Home Lifts

Almost every tall building or skyscraper out there has a lift. From the bottom to the top, taking the stairs can be taxing and so, the lift was invented to combat this. We’ve gone from lifts that were powered by hand, to lifts that can dart up 200ft in moments. This is down to the […]

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