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Technology in Real Estate: How Tech Influences the Market

San Francisco in 1968 was the height of the Flower Power movement. Haight Ashbury was a sea of dashikis and peace signs as far as the eye can see. In 2018, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,552 a month thanks to the presence of Silicon Valley. This is just […]

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Common Household Problems And How To Fix Them

Once you become a homeowner, you quickly realize that it is down to you to fix common household problems. Instead of relying on a parent or landlord to fix the problem, you will need to address the problem quickly, and this can be intimidating and particularly if you do not have the knowledge of how […]

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10 Best-Kept Secrets to Flipping Real Estate

With the typical home selling in just 73 days, flipping real estate has become a seriously lucrative enterprise in recent years. If you’re thinking about getting into the trade, you’ll find that both commercial and residential properties follow similar rules. If you want to make money flipping houses or buildings, you need to know some […]

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Las Vegas

What to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada

Every year 40 million tourists flock to Las Vegas for its legendary entertainment. Las Vegas is an icon of American culture and has seen its fair share of box office hits like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Hangover, and Oceans Eleven. It even has its own famous catchphrase, “What happens in Vegas stays […]

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4 Underrated Cities to Move to in the USA

When you think of cities in the USA, most people’s minds go directly to large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. While these are great places, they aren’t exactly affordable to live and millions of people call each of them home. In addition to that,  there is a lot of […]

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How to Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Many people feel that bringing a fresh look to your bathroom will be costly, however, there are many ways that you can help spice up your bathroom with little to no cost at all. Here are ways to decorate your bathroom on a budget. A Lick of Paint The first great way to help transform […]

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The 5 Best Places to Live in Florida

Florida: it’s the destination of choice for over 600 people per day, a land of sunshine, filled with beaches and beauty. Still, FL is a big state, so it can be difficult to decide where to go on vacation, let alone settle down. Luckily, you don’t have to look far, because we’ve compiled a list […]

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Construction safety

How Construction Safety Can Help You Cut Costs

There is continues to be strong demand in the real estate market. More houses are being constructed to accommodate the housing needs for the middle-aged as well as the millennial demographics. New home constructions are a gold mine for property developers and contractors. But despite innovations in home engineering and design, accidents can still happen […]

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Knowing When to Move on and When to Renovate

Every year, about 15 percent of Americans pick up all of their things and move. In some cases, people do it because they get a new job in a new city. In others, they do it because they can afford to buy something nicer. They have all kinds of reasons for moving from one home […]

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6 Best Eco-Friendly Technology to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you have an interest in the real estate market, you’ve probably noticed that there is a trend toward eco-friendly home upgrades. With an eye to future energy expenses, people are often willing to spend more on a home that has eco-friendly features. Here are a few popular eco-friendly technology upgrades you can add to […]

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A Guide to Renting in Newcastle For Students

When you get accepted into university, it can be very overwhelming when you have to make a lot of decisions in a short space of time. You’ll need to accept or decline your offer, decide when you are going to move, potentially book flights and most importantly find a place to live. There are many […]

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new vs existing home purchase

Your First Home: Should You Buy or Should You Build?

Now that you’ve saved enough money for your first home, the first order of business is to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Congratulations, you are about to achieve another major milestone in your adult life! However don’t get too carried away just yet there’s a lot to do to get your new […]

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Must Have Home Selling Tools For FSBO’s

As technology keeps advancing, people get more equipped with DIY procedures for doing everything with information gathered from the internet. This is true for real estate too as people are now selling property through FSBO (for sale by owner). After all, who wants to give up all the money that real estate agents ask for […]

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5 tips to making your house more sellable

If you’ve just decided to sell your home, and have put it on the market, you’ll no doubt be keen to get it sold fast. While you can’t really change the speed of the process, there are some changes you can make around the house that can encourage buyers to move a little faster. Here […]

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