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8 Benefits of Hiring a Realtor to Score Your Dream Home

Are you interested in buying a new home? It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homebuyer or are just looking to upgrade or downsize from your current home. Either way, you can benefit from working with a realtor to find the right house for your needs. There are lots of perks that come with hiring […]

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Commercial Plumbing Businesses Value To Property Managers

Increasingly, rental property owners are turning daily management of their assets over to property management firms. Back in 2016 the percentage of landlords managing their own properties was higher however the trend to outsource to property managers has been an upwards trend ever since. Property investors take on the risk associated with rental properties for […]

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How to Optimize Your Multi-Family Real Estate Investment

Purchasing multi-family real estate is a great investment for your future. These versatile properties are easy to rent for some extra income and are also perfect to fix up and sell for a quick profit. However, it’s important not to jump into an investment hastily. Make sure that you have all the information you need […]

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Picking the up-and-comers when buying a property in NZ

When buying any property – whether it is a first home or an investment property, you want to buy in suburbs which have the greatest potential and future growth prospects. As Auckland continues to grow and expand, suburbs which may have seen slow growth in the past are swiftly blossoming into the country’s hottest areas. […]

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Three Space Saving Bed Ideas For Small Apartments

Between 1996-2014 the size of the average apartment in Toronto decreased by 20%, despite the fact that there was still an average of three people living there. With real estate being at a premium in the city, property developers are simply building smaller spaces for us to live in. This means that we need to […]

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Buying in Bulk: 5 Tips for Investing in Multifamily Properties

More and more multifamily properties are popping up on the outskirts of well-established cities and as a way of building the community in lesser-populated areas. But, it’s one thing to invest in such a space as a renter and another to be the person who owns and manages the whole property! The key to investing […]

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The Current State of Auckland’s Short-Term Accommodation Market

The beginning of 2018 brought record numbers of tourists to New Zealand shores. Driven by niche antipodean appeal, easier access and cheaper flights, and large-scale international events, the industry is now experiencing rapid growth – surpassing expectations. Plus, as commercial accommodation construction peaks, particularly in Auckland City, and other tourist hot spots, we’ve found ourselves […]

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