Home insurance premiums show significant increase throughout 2018

Homeowners have been hit with significant rising costs in 2018. Weather Events Property insurance premiums are now beyond reach for many homeowners and it’s apparently it’s not just areas that have suffered a major weather event. These areas that have suffered destructive hurricanes like Katrina, Irma and Maria or tropical cyclones in Atlantic and Indian […]

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How to Survive a Long-Distance Move

Did you know that in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14% of the population undertook a household move; that’s approximately 40 million people! There are many reasons why people move including housing, employment or to be nearer friends and family. Moving to a new home is stressful, but if you move interstate or […]

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A Step By Step Guide To Staging Your Home For a Viewing

We make our first impressions of new acquaintances in a matter of seconds. We go through the same process when viewing houses. The first few seconds of a home viewing are critical for determining whether or not you can grab a potential buyers’ interest. How do you this without giving them a long spiel about […]

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How to Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Wildfires have claimed the homes of hundreds of thousands of people in North America over the past few years, particularly on the western seaboard throughout the United States and Canada. These events have left a lot of people wondering how to protect their home. While the main objective during a wildfire should always be to […]

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When Do I Need a Surveyor?

You’ve likely seen surveyors around before, working on street corners or at a new development with their camera-like apparatuses. Perhaps you get the gist of what they do or find their line of work completely mystifying. Eventually, there may come a time when you need to hire a surveyor. Here’s how to recognize that time […]

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9 Rental Advertising Websites That Are Actually Worth Your Time

In 2016, about 26% of Americans rented their home. That’s a quarter of the population renting! If you’re getting started in the rental industry, you’re probably wondering how to go about advertising your rentals. Which sites are worth your time and which ones can you just skip on over? Our review of the top 12 […]

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