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PropertyTalk Was Born In 2003

PropertyTalk came online in September 2003, as discussion forums for property investment talk. Marc and I were living in Australia at the time, and we were keen to connect with property investors for advice and support. However it wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped it would be so over a glass of wine one evening, we decided we’d create our property talk and invite people like you to join us in the discussion.

Thankfully it didn’t take long for PropertyTalk to be found online by our target audience, i.e. property investors and within a short time, it has become a massive resource for anyone interested in the real estate industry.

Whatever our members have discussed over the years is online and available for visitors to read and understand the trials and tribulations of the property market at the time of the discussion. Every event, good and bad provides a timeline of events that have crafted the property sector like the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). Notably, it is the New Zealand discussion forums that are the most active with well over 400,000 posts since 2003.

Fast forward to today, and tens of thousands of people access PropertyTalk monthly. In recognition of our growing audience and rising demand for information, we added a PropertyTalk Blog for articles on ‘all things’ property. Our readers say they’re enjoying our articles and they want us to continue to provide real experiences from regions including Australia, UK and USA.

We love real estate, and it’s an honour to own and operate

Check out our very first photo with a few property investors back in 2003.

PropertyTalk Members

We also love getting feedback from you, our readers. You can contact us directly at [email protected], follow us on PropertyTalk Facebook and PropertyTalks Twitter, and join our LinkedIn group.

PropertyTalk Is For You

You might be wondering if PropertyTalk is the site for you. Are you in the right place? If you’re looking for useful, valuable and topical advice on ‘all things’ property and real estate, then yes you are found an online resource you can use, join and share your experiences.

Our readers and members enjoy the PropertyTalk community; it’s real people looking for recommendations, feedback and support with buying a home, investing in property, being a tenant, how to renovate or build or how to succeed in the industry as a career choice.

There’s never a dull moment in the property sector. Through its highs and lows, real estate is always an exciting prospect if you’re looking for a house to rent or buy. It’s still a challenge to find the best ways to invest your money, and real estate has that ‘bricks and mortar’ KPI (key selling indicator) that attracts the savvy investor.

Property investors are from all walks of life. They are employers employees, the self-employed and unemployed. They work in all industries from professional services, e.g. accounting or law; to technology, politics, healthcare and everything in between. Investors are retirees, baby-boomers, Gen X, Y, and millennials which makes the discussion online a fun place to learn and share.

You can find valuable articles that help you navigate your way through the trials of the property cycle, as well as our discussion forums for further advice and support. Stay up to date with property news from around the world and learn from experienced investors about topics ranging from accounting and finance, building and renovation to property management, as well as legal requirements, insurances, sales and technology.

We’re always interested in listening to what you have to say and what you want to hear. PropertyTalk is as much yours as it is ours, so don’t hesitate to get involved.


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