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How to Realistically Get Started Investing In Real Estate

People with dreams of becoming successful real estate investors picture themselves owning entire office complexes and apartment buildings. One day, you just may have an expansive real estate investment portfolio, but while you are still at the beginning stages, you should focus on learning. Real estate investing for beginners involves teaching newcomers how to obtain […]

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Why Investing In Real Estate Is A Good Idea

Real estate is a property that includes the land and buildings on it. The house you live in is a real estate property, as well as your place of work. Quite simply, real estate is all around us! Some people rent real estate properties whereas others choose to invest in it. Investing in real estate […]

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flipping a house

Things To Consider Before Flipping A House

House flipping is something that has really taken off over the last few years. There are countless television shows dedicated to it, and more and more people are getting in on the action after seeing the success many people have had with house flipping. House flipping can be a fun and lucrative side hustle, if […]

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first time property buyer

Property Hot Spots for First Time Buyers & Investors

Statistics show that mortgage lending fell for the year leading up to December 2017, with many factors attributed to those trends. These include the economy and Brexit amongst many others. However, forecasts suggest that the number of first-time buyers, as well as new investors, will climb during the rest of 2018 and near future. Nevertheless, […]

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Ohio USA

Top 3 US States To Own Investment Property In This Year

There are fifty states in the US, but which ones are the best for investors this year? More specifically, if you had to choose three states to own investment property in, which three states would they be? After lots of research, and even more deliberation, we managed to narrow down the list from fifty, all […]

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How to Find the Right Location for Your Rental Property

You’ve made the decision to go ahead and investment in a rental property, so that’s the tough decision out of the way. Now the fun starts with finding an ideal area and then searching for the ideal property. The right neighborhood will get you off to a good start. It will have a steady supply […]

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property investment post brexit

Investing in Property Overseas Post-Brexit

With Brexit now one-year away – the divorce process is due to be completed in March 2019 – experts are considering the impact that this may have on the property market, both in the UK and for investors buying property overseas. This was highlighted in a recent survey, where 73% of property businesses expressed concern […]

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choosing the right mortgage broker

Fix-and-Flip Dos and Don’ts

Fix and flip also know as ‘renovate to sell‘ ventures are top of mind for many entrepreneurs, but this professional endeavor isn’t as easy or clear-cut as many television programs would have you believe. Fixing up an old, dilapidated house and turning it into a dream residence is much more difficult than one might anticipate—and […]

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property investment manchester

Overseas investors look to the North West for opportunities

Overseas investors continue to make the North West of England its first port-of-call. Whether it’s Manchester, Liverpool, Preston or Salford this region of the UK has got foreign investors eager to base their business, make international connections, and help increase the local economy. Manchester According to the EY Regional Economic Forecast (winter 2017/18), Manchester is […]

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house by sea

5 Tips For Investing In A Home By The Sea

Coastal properties can be great investments – providing you buy the right kind of property. Whether you’re buying to flip, hoping to make money out of a holiday home or buying a seaside property to move into yourself, these five tips can ensure that your coastal property investment plans go swimmingly. Search for upcoming areas […]

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5 Tips That Will Make You Influential In Toronto Real Estate

Real estate is big business and it’s always evolving which makes it an exciting industry to be in particularly for real estate agents and investors. In smaller cities, Real Estate sales people need to work hard on differentiating themselves so they attract business. One way to improve their reputation is by becoming an expert in […]

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Getting Help To Build An Investment

When most people think about the idea of building an investment, they will be picturing their money sitting at the bank or being used by a business as a loan. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. In the world of property investment, you finally have the chance to physically design and build the […]

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property investor storm

A Perfect Storm For Property Investors

Property investors have been dealt a few nasty shocks over the past few years. First, there was the additional stamp duty for those buying properties for rent. This was swiftly followed by an unstable economic situation and expanding inflation, some — though not all — of which can be traced to the Brexit vote of […]

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key ring with house

Avoid These Rookie Landlord Mistakes

Are you seriously considering investing in real estate? Do you plan to make your money as a landlord? There are definitely some good reasons to do so because property can be a very stable investment, and a high yielding one if you can buy cheap. However, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that becoming a […]

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