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Property Care: How to Make Sure Your Landscaping Looks and Stays Amazing

Part of being a homeowner is ensuring the style of your home reflects who you are. To have a gorgeous landscape, you need to put in the effort and carefully thought out ideas. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it will require a lot of patience. A magnificent landscape plan will take into account the elements of good design, i.e. pattern, light, balance, color, form, variety, unity, contrast, and rhythm.

How to make sure your landscaping looks and stays amazing.

Litter Maintenance

Nobody ever wants to take the trash out, but it is the very first step to making sure your yard looks fantastic. Debris on the lawns includes natural litter such as sticks, leaves and mowed grass. The most forgotten places include under bushes, porches and on the edge of the fence.

Create a Character in your Backyard

You really don’t need to spend much for there to be a character in your landscape style. Style can be achieved by merely adding walkways and paths in some sections of the garden. Sometimes even your driveway can be in the middle of your garden.

The site: will guide you in choosing a budget-friendly and fantastic way to create personality in your backyard.

They have countless options concerning materials and structure for constructing a select statement walkway through your garden. Choose a style that complements your home, so it doesn’t look out of place when done.

Before installation, map out the structure so you can imagine what it looks like and make necessary alterations if necessary.

Mowing Your Lawn

The look of freshly mowed grass is something to behold and mowing the lawn is a statement that your home is well maintained.

However, with global warming keeping the lawn looking great is not as easy as it used to be. Less rainfall, acidity and salt is leaving soils without the necessary nutrients to produce a perfect lawn. In Australia, they’ve been dealing with the challenge of droughts and lack of shade for decades and now Bermuda Turf is the hybrid grass of choice.

Make sure you plant and sow the seeds and plants are suitable for your area. Mulching is a likely prerequisite for dry areas, so as part of the landscaping, use a mower with a mulching blade, you can use the clippings as mulch hence cutting on your mulching budget.

Remember using an edger will keep your sidewalks and driveways perfectly neat. If you are a mowing pro, don’t be afraid of creating patterns instead of just mowing in straight lines.

Creating Structure


Part of having a landscape that looks amazing is the harmony created by the different structures you decide to incorporate in your yard. The various plants can either be in the same garden; or for some of the larger plants, you can choose to have bordered beds. Creating a border is easy. You can use decorative rocks or flagstones which require no maintenance. For less apparent bordering on the walkways, you can also choose between steel, fiberglass or aluminium. They also keep lawn grass from creeping into your flower beds.



You might need a professional landscaper for berm creation. A berm in your garden has been just a small mound of soil. It adds dimension, height, visual interest, and a focal point to the garden. You can even incorporate a low water fountain to the berm. The elevation helps with drainage and it can also be an exciting play area for kids.


Lighting the garden ensures the structures in your garden remain visible even at night. Such visual effects create pizzazz to your yard, and it is somewhere you want to hang out even after dark. The lighting can either add charm, be whimsical, or create an ethereal glow to your landscaping. Whatever type of light you choose, makes sure it enhances the style and beauty of your home.

Have fun with the Plants

Planting is the most crucial and delicate part of the landscaping, and it can make or break the entire process.

Do not overplant!

If you are doing the landscaping yourself, start small with your favorite plants in an area you want to change. Taking care of a smaller project is much easier if you don’t have help. Also, it gives you time to observe how the plants do with your soil. In case you need additional nutrients, you can add to that later. This helps keep your plants alive and avoids losses when you plant too many plants too soon, and they all die.

The strategy also helps you to add the plants you really want gradually and avoids your gardens from looking overcrowded and unkempt. Strategic planting also helps you cover up ugly spots and areas where there are holes or the grass isn’t taking up well.

Trimming and Weeding

Keep your plants trimmed can be a weekly or bi-monthly routine. You could do it before or after you mow the lawn. Weeding is easy, especially if you pull them out as soon as you spot them. It gives your flowers and plants of choice a much better survival rate.

Although you might be good at DIY projects, sometimes you might run out of time to keep your gardens neat or, other projects might require experts. As part of keeping the landscape looking amazing, you also need to know when to get a professional involved. Here is why you need a professional landscaper:

Aesthetic Value

A properly maintained area is always appealing to the eye. It gives off a serene and comfortable vibe when you want to rest in the backyard. Consequently, a beautiful landscape will appreciate the value of your home. Potential buyers will not only be enamored by the beauty of the gardens, but also by the amount of work the already maintained landscape took off their hands.

Access To Expert Ideas

There is a reason landscaping exists as a career and, DIYs can only get you so far. Expert landscapers have both experience and a pool of knowledge to help you make the best choices when it comes to plants and other structures.

They know exactly what plants your yard needs before you even know it. They will help you correct drainage and set up your garden structures where they are safe from harsh conditions, for example where to set your patio or grill. Also setting up plants and ensure they have a chance to thrive despite the natural elements.

They better notice emerging garden pests and help eradicate them before they spread.

Help with maintenance services all year long thus saving you time and cost of labor.


A great landscaper will help incorporate the style of your home into your landscape, thus improving the aesthetic appeal and raising your home value.

Provide and install an irrigation system which saves you time when you have to do the work yourself and avoid the clutter of pipes in the garden.

Finally, remember that all great things take time. The plants, especially will require a lot of patience and work for them to bloom the way you want. The initial costs will vary widely so to make sure you budget up to 20% over the estimated costs in case of setbacks. Landscaping is a year-round job so if you don’t have the time on your hands, hire a team to help you with the work.