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Heating & Cooling – the Ductless AC Difference

Depending on how well you know HVAC systems, you may or may not be aware of another option to home heating and cooling — Ductless AC installations. There are several key differences between a ductless mini-split system and a whole-house system. Depending on the particular needs of your home or office, you may be better […]

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Five Ultimate Reasons Why Montreal is Better Than Toronto

This has been the focal point of various debates throughout the past years; if you’re moving to Canada, is it better to settle down in Toronto or Montreal? Toronto has long overtaken the French-speaking metropolis that is Montreal as Canada’s business and financial center. But while this holds true, some still prefer to live in […]

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How to create a perfect guest room in your home

If you are having people to stay, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s worth spending some time and effort making changes to the room they will be staying in. You may not want to take on a large remodelling job, but there are certain things you can do which are less […]

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How Austin Is Developing Into A Hot Property Destination

Austin has been growing by the day. A lot of new buildings and sites are in this area and more people are now being attracted to live here. There is a lot of luxury living in Austin that you are sure to experience. This ranges from the recreational facilities to the night life. There is […]

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Real Estate Market Trends In Singapore

Singapore has a lot going for it. Nearly fifty percent of it is covered by greenery and through land reclamation it’s growing. Singapore is a vibrant competitive economy, a global centre for finance and commerce and one wired for technology and innovation. Singapore also has one of the highest GDPs in the world, and has […]

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How to make a small yard seem larger than it is

Not everyone has the advantage of having a large amount of yard space. In fact your entire property may seem like it has very little useable external space however with clever design you’d be surprised how even the smallest of spaces can be augmented for better use and by doing so they will also appear […]

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What Are Micro-Flats And Are They A Fad Or Here To Stay?

Have you heard of “micro-flats”? If you’re living in London, you’ll be used to seeing it mentioned in newspapers and online. Some are saying this new style of housing development may be the answer to the housing crisis. The term “micro-flat” is also sometimes called a ‘micro-apartment’ or a ‘mini-flat’. However micro-flats are quite different […]

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Landscaping with Water Features

Landscaping with water features is one of the best ways to create a feeling of tranquillity in your property and it’s surroundings, and it’s actually easier to create than you’d believe. There are many examples of common landscaping water features and they range from the simple, ubiquitous pre-built fountains or bird baths; all the way […]

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3 outdoor improvements that will add value to your home

When undertaking a new project around your home it is important to justify your investment for it’s enjoyment and the added monetary value it adds to your property. Whether you are investing your money or your time (or both), you should ask yourself – will these improvements increase the value of my home if not […]

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4 Secrets to a Continuously Gorgeous Garden

It doesn’t matter how modern and deluxe your home’s interior is if your outside spaces are drab or dead, it might give people the wrong impression. Your garden can be gorgeous year-round — if you put in some time and effort to keeping your spaces green and your flowers blooming. In fact, maintaining a luscious […]

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Preparing to Start Working from Home

The idea of working from home is enticing as most people do not relish dealing with the daily commute or workplace politics. However, aspects such as setting up an appropriate workspace, separating work time from down time as well having the motivation to be consistently engaged in the work process are real factors to consider. […]

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Detroit Real Estate is Finally Trending

It hasn’t been that long ago when headlines were shouting that it was possible to buy homes in Detroit for $1. One dollar, for a home. Granted there were problems with the houses, city services were anemic, squatters were living in many of these abandoned houses, but, nonetheless, it was shocking to find in the […]

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Smart Home Gadgets: 5 Must-Have Devices for a Modern House

Although the idea of a smart home is still evolving, there are plenty of tech tools at our disposal to turn our homes into smarter learning machines. From ‘smart’ thermostats to ‘smart’ speakers, there’s barely a limit to what you can incorporate into your daily life at home. In this article, we will be going […]

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5 of the best builds from Grand Designs

Whether you’re remodelling an older property in a unique style or starting a new build from scratch, Grand Designs always primes the imagination. And you needn’t break the bank to emulate the eclectic designs featured, because thrifty post-recession builders often use deft development tricks to build dream homes on a range of budgets.

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