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holiday home in Thailand

4 Best Holiday Home Destinations in Thailand

Everyone dreams of relocating to a luxury villa on the coast of a tropical paradise… but what if you actually made it happen? Thailand has a thriving expat economy due to the amazing quality of life, beautiful landscapes and delicious food there. Expats in Thailand often run their businesses online by day and spend their […]

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8 Tips to Make your Front Lawn Stand Out

Good impressions last. So, if you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, improving your front lawn is a good starting point. After all, the very first thing that visitors and passers-by notice is your home’s frontage and it’s important to keep it clean, neat, and attractive. Going beyond garden gnomes, there are […]

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moving to a new home

Top Things to Consider When Moving Into Your New Home

If there’s anything that can be both fun and frustrating at the same time, it’s moving into a new home. There’s packing, making sure the movers have the right address, checking for pests and cleaning, among other tasks you need to do to make sure your new space is ready to receive new occupants. But […]

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how to prolong the life of your HVAC

How To Prolong The Life Of Your HVAC System

The HVAC unit is one system most home owners can not live without. Design and technology has turned them into a must have solution for regulating temperature and ventilation. In rental properties having such a system can be a worthwhile investment. Tenants will pay more rent for it. However like a lot of systems in […]

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future home design

Top UK Property Developments

The UK is a hotbed for property development at the moment, and it’s believed that the value of all British commercial property stretches into the hundreds of billions of pounds. For those who are interested in how the sector is developing, there’s a lot to be thinking about. From beautiful new homes to transport and […]

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AC units what you need to know

Property Owners Love Their AC And Here’s Why

Property owners love air conditioning units or ACs. In fact, while they were once a luxury now they’re affordable and once you’ve got one they’re hard to live without it. Millions of us rely on these systems to keep our homes, businesses, and cars cool in summer, warm in winter. Property or Real Estate investors […]

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future of real estate industry

Real Estate In The Modern World: What Will The Future Hold?

When it comes to real estate, what we currently know or believe to be true is always changing. Much like many other industries, technology and the internet have really changed the way that real estate work. In the past, realtors have their offices, and tenants or buyers would do business directly with the agent in […]

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Scandinavian furniture

What Is It About Scandinavian Furniture and Design?

When it comes to residential property interior decor and style, there is one trend that seems completely unstoppable: the Scandinavian (commonly abbreviated to “Scandi”) style. The style has become so popular that there’s a dedicated Wikipedia entry to the phenomenon. It should therefore be no surprise that many furniture designers are keen to try their […]

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6 Best American Cities for Young Professionals

Young professionals should look for cities that have plenty of job opportunities for those starting out, a good median salary, an affordable cost of living and social amenities. And when you crunch the numbers, it turns out that hotspots like L.A. and New York City aren’t on the list. However, there are tons of great […]

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residential property flooring types

Flooring Types That Add The Most Value To A Property

All property owners are joined by a desire to maximise the value of their assets. While there is an almost endless list of ways to do this, both inside and outside your property, there is no doubt that making the right flooring choices should be top of the agenda. After all, these set the aesthetic […]

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