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Montreal – Why Residents Love Living Here

It’s not surprising that Montreal in Canada is considered a great place to reside. It’s not its largest city but it is considered one of its most ‘European’ with residents speaking English and French. Montreal’s property market has up to now escaped attention due to not experiencing the stratospheric gains in value that Toronto and […]

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10 Unique Ways of Selecting Your Fabric

In the world of home décor and upholstery, fabric and textiles are building blocks and reign paramount as design influencers. Decorating your house is a wonderfully creative project, selection of desired fabrics can test decision-making abilities. The fabric is the piece that sets the tone of the room, environment, and house. No need to fret- […]

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How Urban Real Estate Trends Are Being Powered By Cultural Shifts

Cities all throughout the world are going through a modern day architectural renaissance. Urban real estate is being affected with large societal and economic changes creating a new environmental of transformation. Millions of millennials are converging to large cities where the most advanced small businesses and entrepreneurial markets have begun evolving. With the advent of […]

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How to Get Started With Home Design

Home design is a creative endeavour that many people in the property market want to experience, but they find it hard to translate their skill set into something that can be applied to home design. This is usually because they can’t cope with the creative aspect of designing something.

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Obliterate Clutter From Home & Garden, Permanently

Do you ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle with the clutter in your home? You can spend days at a time every month finding homes for things, tidying up mess, and stuffing possessions into full cupboards, and still feel like you have mountains of work to get through. And by the time […]

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Sense A European Investment? Here’s Where To Head

When you’ve got tired of buying up the properties with the best resale or rental value at home, it’s time to look abroad. Not only can you find yourself a lovely little home from home or vacation property, but you can also make a killing too. Investing in real estate has its flaws, but the […]

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8 American Suburbs Cool Enough for Millennials

Millennials aren’t those snot-nosed teens anymore ― now, they are those snot-nosed adults moving into management positions at a record pace. As millennials finally find career stability and success, many are considering settling down to start families, which for most means buying a home. However, unlike Generation X, millennials aren’t looking to expensive, packed, urban […]

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The Modern Way to Market Your Properties

Property development is becoming an increasingly popular method of securing a business. Property will always be in demand as long as an area is worth living in, making it a sound investment into a future business that can prosper and provide for not only you but your family in the future. As a result, many […]

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