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6 Important Benefits of Using Home Heating Oil for Improved Efficiency

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In 2017, the average residential electrical bill was $111.67 per month.

How much you pay for energy depends on where you live, the size and type of your home, as well as the time of the year. One of the most important factors in how much you pay is how you heat your home.

Home heating oil is one way to reduce your monthly energy bills. But there are also a host of other benefits to switching to this type of heating system.

We’ll explain the top six of those in more detail below. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Comfort

Oil heats up your home faster than the alternatives. In fact, it burns at temperatures 300 F higher than natural gas. Meaning your home will always be warm and cozy, and it’ll hit those temperatures quickly.

But the comfort that home heating oil provided isn’t limited to temperatures. It also keeps your air cleaner so you can breathe more comfortably and safely. When compared to other heating systems, it’s one of the cleanest and it leaves no odors, dirt, or soot in your home.

2. Resilience

Home heating oil tanks are corrosion-resistant tanks that can be safely stored on your property. That puts you in control of your home’s heating supply and makes you less reliant on other infrastructure.

In the case of an emergency, that could make all the difference. For example, your independently-functioning heating system could mean the difference between having heat during a winter storm that takes out electricity. Without heat, not only is your comfort at stake, so is your safety and the safety of your home.

With major technological improvements in design and materials, today’s home oil tanks are also strong, durable, and unlikely to leak. Above-ground tanks are typically made with double-walled plastic and steel. Underground tanks are made with polyurethane and fiberglass that can last for decades.

Both underground and aboveground home oil tanks are resilient and durable. You can expect more than 25 years out of your tank with the right maintenance schedule. And the right maintenance starts with an oil tank installation that’s done correctly.

3. Energy Efficiency

Home heating oil is one of the most efficient ways of heating your home. The latest oil heat appliances have efficiency ratings of over 83% and as high as 95%. And energy efficiency is directly related to your energy bills and even has an impact on the environment.

4. Lower Energy Bills

The energy efficiency of your home is directly linked to the amount of energy your home consumes. The more energy efficient your home is, the less energy you’ll consume. Consequently, your energy bills will be lower.


A home heating oil system heats up faster using less fuel than other heating systems. That means you’ll notice cost savings on your energy bill. In fact, switching to heating oil tanks can save you up to 30% on your energy bill every year.

Higher energy efficiency is also related to lower emissions. By using oil to heat your home, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly. You’ll be producing less greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions by heating your home this way.

5. Home Heating Oil Choice

Home heating oil systems come with a lot of choices. You can choose from a number of styles, sizes, configurations, and storage solutions. You can have them decorated to camouflage into your backyard or made to hide away in unseen spaces.

But you also have choices in terms of who you do business with. Whereas gas and electric heating providers tend to be large corporations, home heating oil often comes with a wider range of potential providers. You can shop among all of your local service providers and decide who you prefer to do business with.

6. Safety

Home heating oil is incredibly safe for use in the home as long as it’s installed correctly and maintained regularly. It’s actually less dangerous than natural gas.

What makes home heating oil so safe is that it doesn’t burn at a liquid state. It would have to reach temperatures of over 140 F in order to ignite. In comparison, natural gas and propane can become explosive when it mixes with air even at room temperatures.

Today’s home oil tanks have a very low rate of leaking. And in the case that a malfunction does occur, you’ll know. Signs like soot and smoke give you plenty of warning that something is wrong in the rare case it happens.

And home heating oil systems are safe for the environment as well. Besides lower emissions and energy efficiency, new technology is making heating oil even greener. Some companies have started replacing conventional oil with biofuels made with renewable energy supplies such as plant and food byproducts.

Even without these great new technologies that take into consideration the environment, heating oil is non-toxic and biodegradable. It also doesn’t produce any cancer-causing agents, so you can be sure the air its producing is safe for you and your family to breathe.

Renovation Ideas and Advice

Home heating oil systems are efficient, reliable, and resilient. They offer you a high degree of independence from conventional heating infrastructure, help lower your energy consumption, and save you money on energy bills. With proper installation and maintenance, they’ll keep your home comfortable and warm for decades.

Home heating systems powered by oil are also an environmental choice. They produce less emissions and air pollution and the latest technologies are making them even more eco-friendly. And that safety extends to clean air that’s safe for your family to breathe.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to home heating oil, you’ll see these benefits right away. And for more renovation ideas and advice, check out our blog.



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