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Luxury Interior Design Trends For Winter

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The pandemic has taken its toll almost on everyone and how they use their home. Whether we like it or not, we’re spending more time indoors at home, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on trends and new luxury interior design styles.

For people who love interiors while we can not spend the day at the usual in-person events to see new interiors or home styles, we’re not missing out as most enterprising businesses in the sector have taken their seasonal shows online.

Using live feeds or pre-recordings, there are many online platforms to keep people at the forefront of the latest goings-on in design trends for the home.

For example, there are the videos posted to Facebook pages, Instagram’s IGTV channels like Christie’s Art to live Zoom meet-ups. Plus there are many more ways to keep up and also contribute, including writing blog posts on a topic that interests you. In this article, we consider how homes are being redesigned to accommodate our new way of living.

Juggling indoor space to accommodate more activities than usual has been a challenge for many homeowners.

Remote working has seen workers in lockdown and scrambling to find workspace and a set up that’s ergonomic so they can endure the usual day’s work at a computer without putting their back out.

The small desk and stool in the corner was really an after-thought and used infrequently. Now it is no longer sufficient for working at home full time or even as little as one or two days a week. Hunched over a laptop on the sofa is also not good for your back, neck nor your posture and remote working is here to stay, so living spaces are changing.

Moving to a larger home, or adding on an additional room or two is not the answer for a lot of homeowners so to accommodate more ‘living’ all interior rooms need to be multi-functional.

Multi-purpose Spaces

A household usually has a couple of generations, i.e. parents and their children. Still, in some societies, it’s the custom to have all generations of the same family live under the same roof. Arguably these households are more tolerant of sharing small spaces.

The pandemic has pushed the boundaries of our patience when it comes to sharing our rooms, but what’s exciting is there are already designers releasing clever floor plans that incorporate clever designs to ensure that one activity can happen without interfering with another.

Plus open spaces can be sectioned into smaller areas to provide room for everyone and their activities.

Garden Room/Conservatory

Garden rooms, aka conservatories, are small rooms attached to the house. They offer more light, as they have windows. Their origin dates back to the 17th Century. The garden room is a halfway room between the garden and the home interior offering flowers and lush greenery.


While it is a space that is often not well insulated like a room in your home but protected from weather extremes like strong winds, rain and snow, it is being used a lot during the pandemic.

With many Google searches on how to use the space – it is getting a makeover to not only bring you closer to nature but to provide more workable space for household activities including remote working, and dining.

Design Styles

Popular design styles right now include statement, eclectic glamour and transition.

Transition Style

A style that is trending is called transition style, and it’s all about mixing the old and the new. Classic and contemporary combined, when done well is impressive to the eye and function.

An example of a transitional style is combining antique pieces with individual statement pieces. Transition style is a great way of expressing personality and individuality since you can achieve an individual style from an endless list of combinations.

Eclectic Glamour

Rule number 101 is that it should be glamorous. Therefore it can mean anything from flamboyant and extravagant to beautiful and opulent. Examples to this interior design trend include gold, rich colours and sumptuous velvets. For the rich colours, they don’t have to be extremely bright but comforting and lavish.

Statement Pieces

While every room needs a focal point and it doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, sometimes something obvious like a sofa or a bed will do. To make a statement consider using something that will attract the eye, such as a glamorous cabinet or even a grand chandelier.


Marble has been among the biggest surge over recent years; it is opulent, lavish and glamorous. It has a beautifully wide range of colours ranging from rustic browns to purest white. It can be used on coffee tables, buffets, sideboards, and it can simply fit in anywhere.


A home makeover is always fun and relevant. You can keep up with the latest design trends and make better use of your floor plan and underutilized rooms like the garden room. Either get started with a design app or engage an interior designer to get the process underway.

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