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LeadJolt Turns Real Estate Leads Into Buyers With Their State-of-the-Art Platform

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Real estate agents are salespeople, so they value any system and technology that can help them convert leads into sales. Agents spend a lot of time on marketing to get their name out in their area to attract clients. Wherever agents are located, chances are they have a lot of competition, so when they get a lead, i.e., a homeowner keen to sell their home, they want to secure their business as quickly as possible.

Marketing activities like cold calling and social media posting take time and effort. Yet, if the activity is not adequately recorded, a lead may not be followed up, and a competitor may grab the business. Therefore managing leads, including recording all contact and subsequent steps, is vital to converting as many leads as possible.

LeadJolt is a company that provides state-of-the-art lead conversion software for businesses of all sizes, including many Agencies in the real estate industry. Its intuitiveness makes its software successful, so whoever uses it finds it easy to use. Let’s look at why LeadJolt started as a lead generation platform.

How Did LeadJolt Start?

At first, this software was just an idea that came to digital marketers John Danes and Adam Artemis. They found themselves working in a brokerage firm and noticed how much time agents spent trying to create hot leads. Agents burn out quickly, and mostly, it’s due to their processes and marketing methodology. Agents spend a lot of time doing a lot but have little to show. John and Adam knew there was a better way for agents to connect with leads, so they decided to create LeadJolt.

By automating the lead generation and follow-up process, LeadJolt’s platform cuts down on the time agents spend trying to qualify leads – i.e., homeowners keen to sell and have their homes marketed by a real estate agent. Technology is now in the 4th and 5th industrial revolution, which means AI, machine learning, and lots of automation that saves agents time and allows them to close more deals and make more money.

In just a few short months, LeadJolt became one of the industry’s most sought-after lead generation platforms. Today, this platform is used by hundreds of agents across the USA, and it continues to grow. Thanks to John and Adam, their dream has become the most efficient way for agents to generate and follow up on leads.

What Is A Lead Generation Platform?

A lead generation platform manages the buyer’s journey from the initial contact with the business. Using a lead generation program, agents can manage hundreds of potential customers. At its core, a lead generation platform can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending emails, tracking interactions, and scoring leads. A lead generation platform can also provide valuable insights about prospects, such as their contact information, behavior data, and sales-readiness. Businesses that use lead generation programs can focus on nurturing their leads and converting them into customers.

A lead generation platform should allow you to capture leads from multiple sources and track their interactions with your brand. A lead generation platform should also provide tools for segmenting and scoring leads to prioritize the most promising prospects. Finally, a lead generation platform should integrate with your CRM system to help you convert leads into customers.


Real estate agents use innovative lead generation platforms to manage:

  • Marketing activity
  • Repetitive tasks – data capturing and tracking leads
  • Scheduling appointments and follow-ups

With LeadJolt, their clients get access to their Jolt University feature provides users access to a wealth of resources that can help them learn more about effective lead generation strategies.

Plus, LeadJolt has another USP which is winning over agents – their Live Sales Agents are available 24/ seven. Like ‘live chat,’ this app is invaluable for real estate agents who must be available all day. Additionally, LeadJolt offers its clients a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Not all CRMs and lead generation programs are the same, and LeadJolt is winning over agents in the real estate agent due to its focus on helping agents convert more leads to sales.