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Effective Marketing Hacks For Real Estate Agents


Making a splash in the world of real estate is arguably easier than ever, thanks to changes in technology and modern marketing tools that are at the disposal of even the smallest firms or solo operators.

However, since there is so much competition in this space at the moment, it is still important to do all that you can to get the upper hand. With that in mind, here are a handful of marketing hacks that can help you achieve great things as a real estate agent.

Optimise Your Instagram Impact

No business or individual can afford to ignore the importance of social media as a marketing tool, and this is especially true in reality.

Instagram can earn you the attention of thousands of users and is the fastest growing platform of its kind. For a real estate agent, the ability to showcase properties and also promote your personal brand at the same time can earn serious engagement with prospective clients.

However, getting a foothold is the really tricky part if you are starting from scratch.

Starting from scratch

There are a few tactics to follow if you want to work out how to naturally gain Instagram followers, with consistency being perhaps the most impactful of the bunch.

Post regularly

You will grow your audience not only by posting regularly but also by developing a consistent personality which is conveyed through the content you publish.


Hashtags are also crucial to clawing your way up the slippery slope to Instagram success as a real estate agent. In fact, posts which feature hashtags earn 12 per cent more engagement than those without them.

Interact with others

It is also important to see Instagram as a two-way street, meaning you should be willing to interact with other users, reach out to followers and generally seem approachable as well as active. It can feel like a painstaking process at first, but once you build up a head of steam you should see your early optimisation efforts pay dividends.

This Gleam article about how some accounts earn hundreds of thousands of followers just months after launch proves that amazing things are possible with a bit of work.

Improve Your Website

The concept of improving your website to market your real estate business more effectively may sound nebulous, but that’s mainly because not all sites will share the same problems and it is sensible to focus on the issues which afflict your current site on a case by case basis.

Design and function

As a general rule, you need to ensure that your site looks great and performs as seamlessly as possible regardless of the device which is being used to view it. Mobile-friendliness has been a watchword of SEO for some time, and there are tools to provide an instant assessment of how well designed your site is for smartphones.


Once you have the nuts and bolts of a solid site at your disposal, with a responsive design that allows it to adapt to different screen sizes and input types, you need to make sure that the content you are offering visitors stands out from the crowd. This not only applies to high-impact assets like embedded images and videos, but also to the copy which populates each page.


Unless your website is entertaining, informative and relevant to your target audience, you can wave goodbye to prospective clients who might otherwise have been eager to buy or sell a home with you. As is often the case, any efforts to improve SEO will also add to the appeal of your site from the perspective of actual human visitors, so this can be seen as a doubly essential area to invest in.

Leverage Location-Based Marketing

The international reach that the internet provides might give your ambitions room to manoeuvre, but in reality, you will find that a lot of your business is generated locally, which is why sometimes the most effective marketing for real estate agents will be tied into a specific geographic area.

Digital Marketing

Modern search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook offer compelling solutions for businesses that want to sell their services to people based within a particular town, city or region, so this can be a good place to focus your digital marketing efforts.

Traditional Marketing

However, you can gain similarly significant benefits if you also factor in more traditional marketing methods, such as paying for ad space in local newspapers and even investing in billboards and other public signage.

Make Use Of Video

Well composed photos and a crisply written copy can only do so much to sell a property; today, video is arguably far more effective when it comes to marketing in a real estate context.

Thankfully video has become far more affordable to shoot, edit and produce for the homes that you are representing. Facebook alone generated 3 billion video views a day and engagement levels for AV posts are always higher than any equivalent alternative.

There will, of course, be more of an outlay for producing videos to promote your real estate activities, which is not something to ignore. It’s now common practice for real estate agents to use drones to cover the aerial shots of the property for real estate listing sites and ongoing marketing activities like sharing with your Instagram followers.

Therefore once you learn the ropes of taking video clips you will find that this type of content can have a marked effect across multiple platforms and prove to be an investment that easily justifies itself.

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