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Combatting Contamination – 4 Reasons For Backflow Testing

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A majority of buildings have water supply systems that have cross-connections. In normal circumstances, potable water in any water supply system is supposed to flow in one direction when under high pressure, enabling a steady flow from showerheads, faucets, and irrigation systems among other fixtures. In such settings, non-potable water and potable water never mix.

Nevertheless, backflow can occur due to back-siphonage or backpressure backflow, which means non-potable water is pressured into the main potable freshwater pipes. All businesses must install backflow prevention devices at all cross-connections to prevent such ugly incidents.

Generally, backflow testing devices comprise several parts, including springs, relief valves, and check valves. All these parts need individualized testing for convenience to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Why do businesses need backflow testing?

Businesses and commercial property owners need to do annual backflow testing for four reasons:

  • Prevents sickness
  • It’s the law
  • Insurance requirement
  • Protect brand reputation

Prevents health problems

A significant drop in pressure due to a pipe burst can compel reversed water direction, thus allowing contaminated non-potable water into the fresh potable water supply system, which can have hazardous health effects. With that in mind, it is wise for businesses to conduct regular backflow testing to prevent the catastrophic reversal of water flow that can lead to extreme contamination.

People can quickly drink severely contaminated water leading to serious health complications such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid. Business owners are responsible for ensuring that their commercial property’s surroundings safety to avert healthcare issues. Investing in quality backflow prevention devices and having them installed professionally can be beneficial to your business because they keep possible health problems away from your property.

Law requirement

Backflow testing is inevitable if you operate a business per the EPA and local municipalities’ requirements. A malfunctioning backflow prevention assembly can lead to severe issues with local regulatory authorities. Interestingly, the law dictates that only qualified and certified plumbing professionals can conduct backflow testing, including inspecting and installing backflow preventers.

As stipulated by law, all malfunctioning backflow preventers and components that cannot withstand minimum pressure should be replaced or repaired professionally to keep your water safe. Working closely with a reputable backflow professional is highly recommendable. A good professional will take minimal time to assess and determine the extent of risks that a malfunctioning backflow preventer can pose. By and large, as a business owner, it is imperative to ensure that your commercial property is fully compliant with the set annual backflow testing requirements lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Reduced liability

All commercial facilities that have soda machines, sprinkler systems, water fountains, and suppressors have higher chances of having their potable water or food contaminated through backflow.

Any legally compliant business cannot overlook the essence of annual backflow testing to ensure that hazardous materials, including heavy metals, chromates, herbicides/pesticides, gasoline, bleaches, detergents, and propane, among other chemicals, do not find their way into their potable water systems.

These hazardous materials can lead to costly liabilities for businesses in compensations, business closure, hefty fines, and even expensive legal battles in the corridors of justice. Wisdom is taking the necessary preventive and annual testing measures to prevent backflow if your business is to avoid unnecessary liability.

Happy customers

An annual backflow testing is the first step towards making your customers happy as a business owner. A professionally installed and certified prevention assembly can benefit your business in various ways.

For starters, it guarantees your customers’ health and safety. A broken backflow preventer can cause more trouble than most people assume. Contaminated potable water can pose a health threat to your customers unless the problem is solved with the urgency it demands. Secondly, an annual backflow test ensures peace of mind knowing everyone within your property is safe.


Remember, there will be dire health implications if wastewater enters your commercial business’ drinking water system. Your customers will unknowingly consume toxic or contaminated water, thus triggering health issues that can lead to numerous complaints, boycotts, and unhappiness.


As a business owner, you cannot afford to overlook the essence of annual backflow testing by a reputable professional. After all, the benefits of backflow testing outweigh the prices most experienced professionals charge for the service.

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