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7 Reasons Every Real Estate Agent Should Use Postcards In Their Marketing

postcard marketing

Marketing is essential for every business, including real estate agencies. Not only do your customers expect high-quality marketing of their listed properties, but if you neglect marketing your agency you risk being the best-kept secret.

Real estate marketing is vital as it offers benefits such as:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Helping spread the word about your services
  • Offering credibility
  • Getting more leads for your company that may convert to sales

There are various marketing methods that real estate agents can use to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, including using direct mail postcards.

7 Reasons To Use Postcards

This article will show why using postcards may arguably be the best decision you make as a real estate agent. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Postcards Make You Look Like A Professional Agent

People have various reasons for becoming real estate agents. You can be a real estate agent because you want it to be your full-time job, or maybe you want to help family and friends with their business transactions.

Many people are joining the market because getting a real estate license is easy. Therefore, you must stand out from the rest to excel in the market. Have well-designed postcards to stand out. Such postcards have professional headshots, appealing graphics, and thoughtful texts. These elements will make you look professional and get more clients as they prefer working with people that appear serious with their work.

2. Postcards Are Affordable

Postcards are usually distributed through direct mailing. Direct mailing is less expensive compared to other marketing forms, such as advertising using television, magazines, and newspapers. In addition, postcards don’t require sealing and stuffing, reducing the extra costs incurred.

Moreover, postcards are affordable to print and circulate. The ones required for postcards are less expensive than other printing materials. It’s also easy to send out postcards, especially if your target audience comes from the same area, as you can use online tools like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is efficient to use as it doesn’t require you to have the names and addresses of your target audience.

3. Postcards Increase Your Brand’s Awareness

Despite the size, postcards offer an opportunity to increase your brand awareness among potential clients. They allow you to make your brand clear regarding your services by putting together graphics, pictures, and texts.

The more you circulate your postcards, the higher the chances that your target audience will learn about your services through them. After all, it’s hard to forget a face you’ve seen several times. When your target audience knows about your real estate agent services, it’s easy for them to recall your services should they ever need them.

4. Postcards Don’t Consume A Lot Of Time

Postcards are fast to make because they don’t require much time to design, print, and mail to your prospective clients. The latter means you’ll spend less time marketing but still enjoy the benefits of real estate marketing. Because you don’t use much of your time in marketing, you can attend to other pressing matters of your business.

5. Postcards Offer Easy Tracking

It’s easy to track your postcards’ effectiveness in real estate marketing. One of the ways that you can use to determine the efficacy of postcards is by mailing postcards with different pictures.

Try mailing two batches of postcards; the first batch has different pictures from the second batch. The response you get from these batches will help you determine which type of postcard is more effective. You can also mail postcards with different graphics and texts; the difference doesn’t have to be in pictures, so check if this will also work.


Additionally, having a call to action (CTA) in your postcards is essential because that’s what your clients will use to reach you. You can request your target audience to give you a phone call, visit your place of work, use email to communicate or visit your website. The more options you offer your clients, the better, as you’ll have reduced limitations.

6. Postcards Have Various Uses


Postcards are versatile, so they can be used to tick off different marketing needs like:

  • Announcing the sale of a property
  • Introducing an open house
  • Introducing your agency
  • Advertising a listed property
  • Appealing to first-time property buyers
  • Celebrating community-based events
  • Appreciating your supporters and loyal clients

On your postcards, it would be best to keep your messages short and straight to the point for clarity. Furthermore, the kind of message relayed determines the postcard type you’ll mail. You may choose from various postcards, including CTA postcards, open house postcards, local information postcards, free offer postcards, agent introduction postcards, and many more.

7. Postcards Are Targetable

Most forms of marketing involve sending a message to a population, hoping there’ll be people interested in that population. However, postcards can be designed with a specific population in mind. To do this, you’d have to collect information about your target audience. You can collect information from the customer relationship management database, application forms, or data collected by your site. Use the information to create a postcard that piques the interest of your target audience.

Your target audience should be people who are more likely to sell or buy property due to various reasons such as divorce, marriage, job transfers, holidays, or vacations.

Success Of Postcards

Apart from learning why real estate agents should use postcards in real estate marketing, it’s crucial to know how to make postcard marketing success. Here are tips you can use to ensure a successful postcard marketing:

  • Maintain consistency by constantly sending postcards to your target audience
  • Send postcards to places not targeted by other real estate agents
  • Have a variety of professional postcards that will keep your target audience interested
  • Find a company that can help you with designing, printing, and sending out postcards

Wrapping Up

Being a real estate agent can sometimes be challenging, especially with the increasing competition in the field. Therefore, you must find ways to make clients prefer working with you over other real estate agents. You can ensure this by using marketing strategies to help you stand out, like postcards.

Hopefully, the seven reasons discussed here will help you understand why you should use postcards in real estate marketing.

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