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Using Online Tools To Get Into A Real Estate Career

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Getting into the right career is vital as we all spend, on average, a third of our lives at work! If you want to enjoy doing a job in an industry and a role that you will love and have a passion for, it pays to prepare for it while in school.

Research what education is required for your desired role. Plus, identify what you can do to get some work experience using the skills you want to develop throughout your career.

You’re off to a great start when you know what you want to do for work, as not everyone finds it easy to work through all the possibilities for school leavers. Plus, when they finally accept a career choice getting into it is yet another mountain to climb.

Non-Tertiary Roles In Real Estate

The real estate industry has many roles from which school leavers and workers seeking to change careers can do without returning to full-time study, including:

  • Real estate sales – as a real estate agent
  • Property management – as an investment property manager
  • Assessor or Valuer – Real estate price valuation or building assessment

How To Get The Job

With access to the Internet, there is no end to the resources you can use to learn and upskill and prepare your resume and seek to apply for a job. Make a list of what information you need and then jump online and start your keyword searches.

You’ll want to get help with everything, including:

  • Locating and enrolling in the proper training and instruction programs
  • Professionally presenting your details, use one of the many real estate resume examples for a template
  • How to prepare for interviews

Tools You Can Access Online


There are some handy tools and resources that you can access online to increase your chances of getting into a career in real estate. Some of the tools you can consider using are:

  • Training platforms
  • Resume services
  • Job agencies
  • Networking sites

Training Platforms

One of the things you need to do to get into a real estate sales career is to get the proper training, certifications, and licenses.

For free training and learning, use Youtube to locate free videos on becoming a real estate sales agent.

Do keyword searches, so the most relevant videos are presented. The more you learn, the more you’ll work out you don’t know. However, don’t let your lack of knowledge and experience put you off. Everyone starts from ground zero and works their way up in their careers.


If it’s the experience you seek – try this – approach a local real estate firm and present yourself as a prospective future real estate salesperson. Work for free in your spare time. You can call this work your internship. 🙂

You can also pay to access training platforms online to help you achieve your goal and get the training you need. This action shows prospective employers your commitment to get up to speed and be helpful from your first day on the job. You can then start applying for work in this field.

Resume Services

First impressions count, and with recruitment firms, your resume does all the talking! Avoid reinventing the wheel with your resume – use a service that can create the perfect resume recruiters love to view. View example resumes that match you, and then choose a template. Also, consider adding a covering letter. Once again, use the same resume services as they have covering letters.

Top Tip

Make sure to add your work experience, i.e., your work at an agency, and also get the boss to give you a reference!

Job Agencies

Searching for job openings online will save you a lot of time. Some job search sites specialize, and ZipRecruiter has nearly 100,000 real estate sales jobs – maybe start your search there.


Plus, Google does a good job presenting the most relevant search results, so if you want to focus on a location, add it to your search keywords. The results will then show recruiters, job search sites, and agencies in the results.

Networking Sites

LinkedIn is a social networking site for business people. Set up your profile and find real estate professionals to follow and message. Plus, there will be groups you can join too.

These are just some of the options you have at your fingertips so you can access the correct information and support online to aid your real estate career.

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