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The Right Way A CRM Can Grow Your Real Estate Business

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A successful real estate agent is a master multitasker, and before CRMs, only the experts at managing and scheduling tasks made a decent income.

There are so many things on your plate that it’s easy to miss something like a timely follow-up or update, which can negatively impact maintaining a close connection with your customers.

However, today tech is every real estate agent’s friend. There is no excuse for missing a follow-up call or open home as a CRM solution competently manages all tasks.

If you’re in real estate, you know the Latin term caveat emptor translated in English as buyer beware. The same applies to all technology insofar as it is only as good or as valuable as the data captured in it.

Therefore even the best CRM software will only be helpful when it’s used appropriately.

The CRM is a centralized system in real estate sales where users with access can add, update, and view Agents’ activity, including leads, listings, updates, feedback, future buyer inquiries, and sales contracts.

Technology only works well when the user knows how to use its features. Did you know most software users typically use 20% or less of features? What’s more, 30% of features are never used.

Use More CRM Features

How do you become an anomaly and use most CRM features as a Real Estate Agent?

Well, you need to apply a two-pronged approach. The first action is to familiarise yourself with the essential features that you will use all of the time. It’s these functions that will immediately improve your productivity.

Once you’ve gained confidence with the CRM, delve deeper with training on the other features that will save you time and assist with ‘working on your business’ – i.e., reporting.

Get your team up to speed on using CRM operationally in your business. If we were to look at just one way a CRM can make a big difference for your real estate business, it would be marketing.

CRM For Marketing

So here’s how you can use a CRM the right way to optimize your marketing funnel as a real estate agent:


Narrow Your Focus

As the Pareto principle states, 20% of your effort bring 80% of the outcome. It’s equally valid for the real estate market. Usually, a thorough analysis of your customer database may get you to the decision to stop scattering the efforts trying to attract many leads and focus on fewer clients that are ready to buy.

A CRM allows you to prioritize the leads and tailor the custom communication approach to maximize your marketing efforts.


How many tools does your team have to use to cope with their daily tasks? Google calendar, email, contact form submissions on your website, and VoIP systems are a few. With CRM, the good news is that you can bring all these tools together to function as a single source of truth.

By aggregating contacts and conversations from other systems, you will save time with more exciting activities ching from one tab to activities. You may also connect the current marketing system with the CRM to see how the campaigns perform and other CRM activities.

Plus, consider integrating software for calls so conversations are recorded.

Remember, it’s the law to let the other person on the call know you are recording the conversation.

Please don’t shy away from recording, though, as it’s vital for reviewing details and setting up tasks for action by you or someone in your team.

Set up Automated workflows

One of the leading CRM benefits is the automation of simple tasks. Set and forget actions implemented within the CRM frees up you and your staff to do higher-value work like more customer meeting

Some examples of automated workflows in real estate sales are:

  • automatic buyer enquiry follow-ups
  • reminders including birthday greetings, anniversaries etc
  • checking contract terms
  • processing website visitor enquiries

These may be simple even when processed manually, but when there are 100 or more clients, most likely, you will forget about some important events and, with a sales contract, get it wrong, and the deal may fail.

Using CRM for automation is an effortless way to maintain regular communication with people from your contact list, increasing the chances of referring new leads and retaining existing customers.

Use segmentation

Lead segmentation by certain attributes like industry, requirements, budget, and other criteria can help you use a more personalized approach. Thus, your offerings will correspond to the expectations of each user category.

Also, dividing your client database into groups will positively impact marketing campaigns analysis. You will receive more powerful insights into what works better for a particular segment and adjust your approach.


Final Words

CRM software is a game-changer for managing your business and a platform for assisting with marketing and promoting your real estate agency brand.

The only thing left to do is choose the right CRM, which is not something you’ll do overnight. Do your research, know what you need the CRM to do, and ask the right questions.

Bring in a team of experts who know your existing tech setup and integration requirements to assist you. Test several demo versions before committing to a CRM that can take your business to a new level.

Now you know about CRMs, do you want to know how AI Bots are changing real estate?

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