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4 Reasons To Use A Wireless Audio System For Property Viewings

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What’s the highest attendance you’ve had at a property viewing? Often it’s hard to gauge how many homebuyers will turn up, and if you get a large crowd, the challenge is making sure everyone can hear what you’ve got to say.

Even with less attendance, property viewings can be testing if the location is particularly noisy. Well, the good news is you can remove the uncertainty of noisy environments and be heard by all attendees without shouting with a small piece of technology.

The wireless tour guide system with high-quality earphones and microphones is invaluable for site tours, and as such, it’s ideal for real estate agents and their property viewings.

Wireless Tour Guide System For Property Viewings

To prove that you need one of these systems, we’ll list a few of their advantages.

1. You Won’t Need to Strain Your Voice

No matter how perfect your presentation is, it’s sure to fall flat if no one can hear you. And while you probably always try to schedule your viewings at quiet hours, sometimes circumstances won’t allow it. In such a case, you’ll be forced to shout over the noise, straining your voice as well as your clients’ ears.

But you can avoid all that if you have a wireless tour guide system. Give earphones to your clients at the beginning of the viewing, connect them to your microphone, and you are ready to go—no need to shout or fight for anyone’s attention. Just speak clearly into the microphone, and everyone will hear you perfectly well. That way, you’ll save your voice and feel more confident during the presentation.

Plus, not all property viewing attendees need to be right next to you to hear your commentary. For example, some attendees could be enjoying the sun in the outdoor living space while you’re showing some prospective buyers the games room.

You could also get a two-way system and give your clients microphones too. That’s particularly useful if you want to hear their reactions or expect many questions. Ultimately, a system of this kind is sure to make communication between you and your customers much smoother!

2. You’ll Be Able to Give Tours to Large Groups

Typically, you’ll organize property viewings for small groups of two to three people. But sometimes, depending on the property, you may have to deal with a larger group, which is undeniably more difficult. After all, you have to show them around the building, give a presentation, and make sure everyone hears you. Indeed not a walk in the park!

With a quality tour audio system, though, at least you don’t have to worry about your clients not hearing you.

No matter how big of a group you’re dealing with, it will seem as though you were standing right next to them. In fact, you can let your clients wander around the room and inspect the things that interest them as you give the presentation. You’ll still be in their ear while they do so.

3. You’ll Seem More Professional

When your clients come to the property viewing, and you hand them out earphones and microphones, they’ll be impressed. Seeing how much thought and effort you put into making the tour an enjoyable and informative experience will convince them you are trustworthy. And that’s precisely what you want if you’re hoping to seal the deal on the property.


What’s more, you’ll come across as professional and resourceful as you calmly deliver your presentation into the microphone. After all, many real estate agents would struggle when the viewing conditions aren’t ideal, but not you.

With your wireless audio system, you’ll show your clients that no setback is too big of a hurdle for you.

Overall, using a tour guide system will create a positive impression of both yourself and the viewing. And then, it’s only a matter of time before serious negotiations start!

4. You Won’t Have Trouble Following the Pandemic Measures

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, we’ve all been instructed to avoid large gatherings and keep our distance from each other.

Giving a property tour to a large group of people isn’t quite in line with that, as you’ll all have to stick close to each other. Or at least, that would be the case if you didn’t have a wireless audio system.

But if you do have one, following the pandemic measures isn’t an issue. Aside from wearing masks, both you and your clients can keep a distance from each other. At the same time, though, you can deliver your presentation into the microphone, and everyone will be able to hear you loud and clear. Ultimately, you get the best of both worlds — you’ll stay safe and healthy and have an excellent property viewing.

In Conclusion

The advantages of buying and using an audio system for property viewings are numerous, but the four we mentioned are significant. If you’re curious about the others, get one for yourself and try it out. You’ll wonder how you could ever live without it! Now to sell the properties quickly all you need to do is get the seller to remove all the things prospective homebuyers dislike.