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Home Buyers’ Dislikes When Viewing A Property


Selling a home is never easy, and it is noted as one of the most stressful events most of us will ever go through.

The first time you put a home on the market is, of course, the worst as there are no reference points to gauge how you’re dealing with the process.

The emotional side of selling your home can bring some of to breaking point, so it’s important to know how to destress daily during and for a short time after your house has been sold. It’s important to understand at the outset that while some properties fly off the shelves, others will remain on the market for months.

Timing has a lot to do with the duration properties take to sell. Property market conditions also dictate the volatility in the market, so no matter how efficient your real estate agent is in any area, at any given time, there will be house sales fluctuation.

For example, in 2017, the real estate market in Minneapolis was up over 7% in 12 months. There were dozens of Minneapolis homes for sale, according to a report by Zillow Inc. However, markets can and do change, so it is in your interest to do everything possible to make your home attractive to buyers if you want to compete well and sell quickly.

Check out the following list and make sure none of them applies to your property. If they do, your home may remain listed for sale for a very long time.

1. Clutter

Clutter is your enemy. Rooms crammed full of furniture, boxes, ornaments, junk, and miscellaneous bits and pieces look small and uninviting. You have probably seen a million property development shows where the presenters order the sellers to declutter their home. It’s smart advice, so have a clear-out and put everything you don’t need into storage or the nearest dumpster.

2. Dirt

Dirt is seriously off-putting. Homes need to look clean and smell fresh. Prospective buyers don’t want to walk into a room that stinks of stale cigarette smoke and last night’s takeout. They will also find filthy kitchens and bathrooms repellent. Piles of filth will put off all but the most determined buyers – and even those will expect a significant discount on the sale price to cover the cost of industrial cleaners.

3. Pet Odors

Pet odors are never good, so pet owners must make sure their homes are scrupulously clean and all pets are out of sight when buyers come to view. Remove smelly dog beds and place feed bowls in a cupboard. It’s best to banish your pets to a friend’s house for any viewings, just if the buyers are allergic to animals.

4. Dodgy DIY

Wonky shelving, mysterious holes in the wall, and suspect electrical outlets could put off many buyers. People tend to be put off if they think a property is going to become a money pit. If it looks like you have done repairs yourself rather than called in a professional, the buyer will soon be mentally adding up the cost of putting the damage right.

5. Poor Use of Space

Don’t sacrifice a bedroom because you need a games room, and don’t divide a large room in half to make a space for your train set. If space is poorly used, it makes a property less desirable.

6. Strange Décor

Just because you love your crimson red bedroom with samurai swords on the wall, it doesn’t mean anyone else will. Get rid of loud wallpaper and wacky ornaments. Buyers don’t want to see stuffed animals on the wall or creepy dolls on the bed. Keep the décor neutral and non-offensive.


7. Pests

The sight of cockroaches and rodents scurrying around is not good. If you suspect you have a pest problem, have the property fumigated before putting it on the market. Otherwise, it could take a long time to sell.

The more unappealing your property is, the harder it will be to sell. A few improvements will work wonders, so get cracking!

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