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5 Unusual Homes That Allow You A Slower Pace Of Life

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So you want to move house? When you’re looking to relocate, find your dream house, or even change the way you live, you may think that you only have one option – to move from the kind of house that you’re in now, to something extremely similar. But, that’s not always the case. You can opt for something completely different and be happy. If you’ve always wanted to sell your home and enjoy a slower pace of life, then you might want to find a house that can facilitate that. Although a city apartment might not be the right move, there are plenty of unique housing options that could work for you.

Tiny Home

Right now, the tiny home movement is huge. Some people dream of living in a huge space because they think it will mean that they’ve made it. But, that’s not always the case. You don’t always need a massive home to feel like you’re living a great life. In fact, huge homes can be stressful to run. Instead, if you want to be able to enjoy a quiet life, a tiny home could work for you. You will have everything you need; you can often build it in a range of locations, and enjoy being close to nature.

Country Cottage

Then there’s also the option of going for a classic country cottage. If you’ve always wanted to live close to a village or nature, then a country cottage is often a great home to have for that lifestyle. You can enjoy a large amount of outside space and even think about growing vegetables or keeping your own animals. Country cottage life is often the epitome of a laid-back lifestyle.


Or maybe you want to be able to take that slower pace of life back to your roots, or to the lazy days of our amazing American culture? Then why not think about owning a ranch? You’ll find a range of experts, like Ranch Sellers, that can provide you with advice and options to buy. Whether you decide on a working ranch and want to earn your own living, or would like an old ranch that you can now turn into a family home, the space and style of these homes can often give you a relaxed and stress-free life.


If you want something completely rural, but not huge, a cabin could work for you. Living life in the woods is definitely one way to enjoy an easy life. Not only will you be right in the middle of nature, but you can also often enjoy fending for yourself and the calm that comes with seclusion. You can often find some stunning log cabins and lodges that make picture perfect family homes too.


And then there’s also the option of finding yourself the perfect moving home. If you want to be self-sufficient and you can work from everywhere, you might like the idea of traveling around. Not only is an RV an option for that, but a houseboat can be great too. If you love the water and want to live somewhere unique, looking into homes on the water could be the exciting fresh start you’ve been hoping for.


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