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6 Home Renovation Apps That Will Simplify Your Remodeling Plans

The American public spends over $300 billion per year on home renovations. Many homeowners choose the renovation route over moving to a newer home. One reason that remodeling is a popular selection is that it is less taxing than moving. This option takes high-pressure events like house showings and inspections off the table. Choosing renovation […]

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When Do I Need a Surveyor?

You’ve likely seen surveyors around before, working on street corners or at a new development with their camera-like apparatuses. Perhaps you get the gist of what they do or find their line of work completely mystifying. Eventually, there may come a time when you need to hire a surveyor. Here’s how to recognize that time […]

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Going Green With Your Furnishings

Today, we’re empowered to go green! Sustainable industries was first mentioned in 1990 in a story about a Japanese group reforesting a tropical forest. Since then sustainability is not just a buzz word it’s real and it’s everywhere from farming to production processes in manufacturing and of course the housing construction sector. Go Green Movement […]

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5 Ways To Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to move houses so that they can have a larger property. Some of us love the home we already have and so wish to make changes to our existing house, while others do not want the stress of moving from one place to another. However, this leaves you […]

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4 Patio Renovations You Need For Comfort and Style

Does your patio need a serious makeover? Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, so why not treat it as such? You can make some major changes to your patio without breaking the bank and turn it into a space you love to spend time in. Read on for five patio renovation ideas […]

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Is a Low Slope Metal Roof Right for You?

Low slope metal roofs have long been a staple of the industrial and commercial sectors but they’ve recently been becoming more of an option for residential construction and self-builds. This has happened for a number of reasons. In this article, we’re going to look at why low slope metal roofs might be right for you. […]

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3 Reasons Why People Put Off Home Renovations

Renovating a home is an enormous task. Some are quite happy to get stuck in and make key decisions that change the home space, and others are slightly more… apprehensive. There are many moving parts going on during this time, and it’s enough to put many people off changing their home altogether. Consequently, here of […]

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Do Garden Makeovers Improve Home Value?

Not everyone has a garden but those that do should consider how they can use it to help improve their home value. A garden is definitely something potential home buyers look at when they are considering their options however if the garden is not well maintained then it can have the opposite effect and put […]

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How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Grand Entrance

When turning a house into a home we all want to get the details right not just for visual aesthetics but also for overall feel of warmth and comfort, a place anyone would be happy to spend relaxing time in. Of course, the interior is essential to master, getting the spaces to feel open and […]

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