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What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

If you’re spending $50,00, $100,000, $500,000 or more for a home, it doesn’t make sense to question whether or not to hire a reputable home inspector. Spending a few hundred dollars up front to inspect the home and then hiring service professionals to fix any detected problems may save you thousands of dollars down the […]

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The First Steps to Buying Your First Property

If you’re setting yourself up to buy your first real estate: congratulations! There’s truly no better way to use your money than to invest in bricks and mortar, whether you’ll be using the residence as your primary home or renting it out as a business endeavor. However, as you’re embarking on an entirely new path, […]

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5 Main Reasons to get an Electrical Inspection Before Buying a Home

Electricity is a big part of our lives today. With all the devices that require electrical power nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a life without electricity. When moving into a new home there are many reasons for you to have an electrical inspection.You wouldn’t want to have all your devices overwhelmed or have the circuit […]

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5 Reasons Why the Current Calgary Housing Market is Hot for Millennials

Millennials make up 36% of homeowners. The Calgary housing is especially ripe for Millennials. Half of home buyers are under 36 years old. That ratio is growing. Millennials are gradually dominating the housing market everywhere, but it’s especially true for Calgary. Here are 5 reasons why the Calgary housing market is prime real estate for […]

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Tips for Foreigners and Expats Buying Property in Australia

Australia’s real estate market is red hot at the moment and is garnering attention from investors far and wide. And by looking at the numbers, it’s not hard to see why it’s a prime destination for real estate investors. Over 70% of households are homeowners, which leaves little space for speculation. In addition, most capital […]

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Your Guide to Buying and Renting Property in Spain

Buying a property and moving on over to Spain can either be a relatively straightforward experience, or it can be an absolute nightmare. Largely, it is down to the amount of research you put in before you make any final decisions. Things can go wrong and costs can spiral out of control if you are […]

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5 House Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 90% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine to research available homes. A smart idea, considering that driving around searching for those “For Sale” signs takes significantly more time than swiping through your smartphone. But there are a lot of mistakes that house hunters are […]

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Grand Cayman

4 Benefits of Purchasing Residential Real Estate on Grand Cayman

If you intend to purchase residential real estate to live on Grand Cayman, there are many benefits to investing in homes on the island. Check out some of the best, which range from favorable tax laws to luxurious recreation options. 1. There Are Favorable Tax Laws One of the most beneficial reasons to purchase property […]

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What To Consider Before Becoming A Property Owner

Owning a property sounds like fun at first, and it can be, but you should know it’s also an important undertaking that comes with a lot of responsibility on your part. It’s a wise idea to sit down and think it through before you fully commit and sign on the dotted line. You may indeed […]

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