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Top Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Reducing the amount of energy you use in your home is important for a lot of reasons. Not only can you save money (especially in large homes or during winter months), you can also reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the greenhouse gas emissions that come from the electricity, gas, and other fuels that you […]

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How to Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Wildfires have claimed the homes of hundreds of thousands of people in North America over the past few years, particularly on the western seaboard throughout the United States and Canada. These events have left a lot of people wondering how to protect their home. While the main objective during a wildfire should always be to […]

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Safety and Security Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often work alone, and this is one of many careers that come with risks. Most people would never dream of walking into a house with strangers, but this is an everyday reality for real estate agents. Thankfully, realtors are rarely put in any real danger, but if you are worried about your […]

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Could You Become A Real Estate Agent?

Buying and selling homes can be complicated business. This is why most people call upon the help of a real estate agent. These professionals can help sellers to secure a sale on their old home whilst helping buyers find the perfect new home. Some agents may also get involved in rental property helping to find […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Tenants for Your Rental

Residential tenancy laws in most municipalities and states favor the tenant and as a landlord it’s up to you to do your research and due diligence on all matters pertaining to renting out a property. A laissez-faire attitude to managing your rental property will surely not end well. It can be tough to evict terrible […]

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Happy Home

How often do you hear: There’s never enough hours in the day! Technology is supposed to be improve our lives, so we have more leisure time, so what’s going on? Even with advanced home appliances; and the IoT (Internet of Things), we’re not that happy at home. Most of us still find many different elements […]

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How to Detect Mold in Your House (And What to Do About It)

If you’re a homeowner, you know how problematic toxic mold can be. Toxic mold can cause a range of serious health issues, and even the slightest forms of mold and mildew can cause general health problems. That’s why you need to know how to detect mold in your house so you can catch the signs […]

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How To Keep On Top Of Property Maintenance

Landlords new to property investment need to consider all the potential outgoings that occur throughout the ownership of the property. It’s the hidden costs that can put a strain on cashflow and can burn through the profit. Before rushing in with any real estate purchase, seasoned real estate investors are aware ongoing property maintenance is […]

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Commercial Plumbing Businesses Value To Property Managers

Increasingly, rental property owners are turning daily management of their assets over to property management firms. Back in 2016 the percentage of landlords managing their own properties was higher however the trend to outsource to property managers has been an upwards trend ever since. Property investors take on the risk associated with rental properties for […]

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