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Career Guide: 10 Skills You Need to Be a Property Manager

Breaking into property management is easier than you think, but you can’t go in unprepared. Here are 10 property management skills you need to thrive. Have you ever considered becoming a property manager? There’s certainly a lot of benefits to that type of work. It’s flexible enough to compliment all sorts of lifestyles. Plus, it’s […]

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Reliable Security Options for Homes and Businesses

Whether a property is owned personally or it’s under a company’s control, you always want to have reliable security options in place. Whether the problem is vandals, attempted break-ins or potential squatters, if the properly is a rental one that’s not currently occupied, security is a valid concern, whether for a house or an office […]

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Controlling Erosion Around Your Home

Two of the most important things in the natural world are soil and water. In the right balance, they support the plant life that ultimately keeps all plants and animals alive. But when the relationship between these two essential elements is out of balance, erosion can occur. The uncontrolled movement of water across unprotected soil […]

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5 Great Ways to Get Trained As a Home Inspector

As the demand for homes, rental units and property increases in the western world so too does the need for a quality product – i.e. the home. Homebuyers are more educated on the quality of homes today due to the sharing of bad experiences in the media, on discussion forums and in social media. Leaky […]

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5 Tips For Securing Your Home When Your Away

The most common threat to our homes is burglaries and most occur during Summer. Is it a coincidence that most people take their vacations during Summer? Probably not! So returning home find valuables gone and your property un-secure is unsettling at best and for many of us very frightening. What can you do to keep […]

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Fire Folly: Here’s What to Do After a Catastrophic House Fire

Each year approximately 350,000 American homes experience a fire. While that number has dropped drastically since the 1980s, few things in life can be more traumatic when it happens to a homeowner. A fire can destroy precious memories and turn your life upside down in a matter of minutes. Here’s our checklist of what to […]

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Why Serviced Offices?

For all the aspiring entrepreneurs and business entities who look forward to getting affordable rental office space, getting serviced office is a prodigious solution. Available in the East, West, Central and also City Central areas, there are many serviced offices in the entire Singapore with their rental services. Why serviced offices? There are multiple reasons […]

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Three Tips For Dealing With Property Maintenance Contractors

There’s a great sense of pride maintaining your property to a high standard. However it has to be said while many homeowners love to try their hand at DIY (do it yourself), more often than not most tasks are better left to the experts. The property owner is better off looking after the maintenance checks […]

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4 Tips for Successfully Managing An Apartment Complex

Managing an apartment complex can be a financially and socially rewarding job. As a property manager, you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet with new and current tenants and assist them throughout their stay at your property. However, if this is your first time serving as a property manager, you should know that there’s quite […]

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Everything you need to know about Property Guardianship

In a time when rents are soaring and housing prices are unrealistic for the majority, the idea of paying only a fraction of what other London renters are seems extremely appealing. Enter the property guardians – people who live in empty houses or commercial properties at very minimal costs. We explain how property guardianship works, […]

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