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7 Home Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

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Owning your own home is a fantastic feeling, and you can make it homely by renovating it to your taste.

Of course it’s not easy getting on the property ladder; you will need between 5% and 20% of the property value.
Unfortunately, this can leave very little in your kitty for home decorating, which is why you need these seven decorating ideas:

1. Revamp The Kitchen

Ripping out the kitchen and replacing it is an expensive option but it is possible to recreate your kitchen without spending a fortune.

The easiest way to achieve this is to replace the cupboard doors and the worktops. Add in a coat of paint, and see the transformation from tired to bright and new. If you can spend a little more, it is worth looking at some custom kitchen joinery options. 

You could also look at revamping your kitchen worktop to a quartz worktop or another hard-wearing but premium material to give your kitchen a completely new and modern look.

2. Covers

Your couch might be starting to look tired, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace it just yet. Providing it is still comfortable, invest in some throws. Make them bright and add matching curtains, and you’ll be surprised at the difference in your room.

3. Go Natural

A little touch of the outdoors can make any room feel larger and brighter and the best thing is that it costs virtually nothing.

Add a couple of large potted plants and a feature piece for your table and relax!

4. Lighting

You don’t have to be an electrician to change the lights in your home. A new shade or adding several up-lighters can transform the light in your room. You can make it bright and airy or more intimate. Include a dimmer switch in your redecoration, and you’ll be able to create any ambience you like.

5. Mix It Up

A great way to add your flair and redecorate your room is to keep your dining room or kitchen table but replace the chairs with miss-matched ones if this is your thing as it will make your rooms feel more homely.

6. Shiplap It

If you’re trying to redecorate a room with bad walls, then you’ll need to dry line it first and then add your cladding. While using shiplap can be a lengthy and expensive process, it will look superb.

There are many different shiplap options, too, both in material and colors. If you’re thinking of adding a different feel, lay it horizontally instead of vertically.


7. Rugs

The easiest way to add your mark on any space n your home is to use rugs. It will save you the expense of having to replace the floor, and you can match the rug to the color of the throws and curtains or mix it up by going bold and bright.

There are many ways you can turn your recently purchased property into a home you can call your own. Start off making small affordable changes like adding rugs and furnishings. Live in the property for a while before considering much larger renovation projects like changing the floor plan or adding rooms.