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Grow Your Value Through Landscaping

Home Garden

Randomly click on a property advice blog and you’ll stumble across advice that is so overused it has become a cocktail of cliches. Now we’re not by any means saying that converting your loft, upgrading your bathroom, renovating your bathroom and remodelling your kitchen isn’t amazing additions; they are. But they aren’t the only win-win propositions. Another foolproof gamble can be landscaping.

Of course, to get the best return for your buck, you need to know improvements are worth the sweat, and to help you with this we’ve pulled together a list top tips that can be applied to your garden.

1. Edges Are Easiest

The very least you should be doing on the landscape front is mowing your lawn and defining your bed edges. It’s one of those simple hacks that make your yard look tamed, restrained and professionally maintained, and that is what makes it a very popular selling point when the doors open.

2. Problem-Solving Plants

Nothing covers a home’s weaknesses better than plants. Use them well and they can become a gorgeous barrier that hides that busy road you can see from your living room window, the neighbors overgrown garden and even cracks in the brickwork. Perception is reality in the selling game, and that’s what plants improve; perception.

3. Water Works Wonders

There are a thousand ways to add a water feature to your landscape depending on the size of your garden. It could be you have space to add a lake, or you could be backed on to a lake already and just need a dock builder to make it a hundred times more attractive. It could be adding a bridge over that stream at the end of the garden, adding a fountain as a centerpiece or digging a pond with a garden room next to it. Whatever it is, buyers go crazy for water features.

4. As Lush As New Lawn

When people come to look around your home, there is a part of them that cannot wait to gaze out of the kitchen window at the lawn and imagine what it would be like living there. That’s where a layer of brand new turf can make your home sparkle more than a Mardi Gras procession. You don’t have to do this per se, but if your home is looking a little worn, or you can see brown patches from last winter or anything less than perfection, either go with new turf or try overseeding.

5. Color That Dazzles

You don’t want to go over the top, but adding a splash of color in the form of flowers, pots, perennials and topiaries is well worth the effort of a) reading a gardening blog and b) heading to the garden centre. It could be a splash of color on the porch, or bright planters in the entranceway, or hanging plants along window ledges. Here’s the best part, though: not only are they going to help you sell your home, you can take them with you too.