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Landscaping with Water Features

dog in the water feature

Landscaping with water features is one of the best ways to create a feeling of tranquillity in your property and it’s surroundings, and it’s actually easier to create than you’d believe. There are many examples of common landscaping water features and they range from the simple, ubiquitous pre-built fountains or bird baths; all the way through to complex twisty streams and ponds laboriously built into the landscape.

The cost of water features, naturally fall in a large range as well, from dirt cheap to millions of dollars. Either way, there is sure to be an easy-to-add water feature to your landscape that will not break your bank, yet add value to your property and your enjoyment.

Water is treasured as a landscaping element for many reasons. It attracts wildlife like birds and reptiles, and the sound of it is extremely relaxing and pleasing to the ear. Water features like ponds also allow you to cultivate your own koi fish or grow a water garden. Whatever you decide to do with water, here are some ideas that may give you further inspiration when it comes time for your next landscaping overhaul.

Fountains and Birdbaths

One of the easiest ways to “dip your toes” into the water landscaping world, so to speak, is to incorporate an ultra-simple fountain or bird bath into your yard or garden. A classical bird bath can be made from a variety of materials. Everything from masonry marble to durable plastic works fine, and the birds certainly won’t know the difference. Bird baths look great within the context of a garden, but work in a yard as well.

Fountains with running water come in all sorts of varieties, with many different processes for filtering and distributing the water. A simple statuary fountain will be fairly easy to hook up to a water source, and there are also versions that have their own miniature “pools.” These versions often contain self-contained supplies of water that recirculate throughout the fountain via a filter element. If you would like to add a fountain with its own pool, consider digging out a space for it in your yard and create a type of miniature pond.

Koi Ponds and Streams

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If you have the financial and industrial resources, you may want to consider adding more complex water features to your landscape. Projects like Koi ponds, which require pond pumps, and manmade streams are significant undertakings, but the results are definitely worth the labor spent. Before you decide that you want one of these features added to your yard or land, you will probably want to discuss your plans and ideas with a professional landscaper. They will have the foreknowledge and experience to not only give you a rough estimate on the approximate cost, but the feasibility of certain projects on your land with the resources you possess.

You must also take garden maintenance and upkeep into consideration as well. Whether or not you are prepared for the investment of time and money that will cost you is also important. If you are familiar with people who have gone through the process, consult with them to get their experience.