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Best Property Improvement Tips For 2018

home renovation

As it’s the start of the new year, what better time to think about some significant improvements you can make to your property in 2018. Below, you’ll see a huge selection of ideas that are designed to renovate your home and make it more valuable and liveable.


We start things off outside your house where you’ll find a plethora of improvements you can make. Here, focus on the visual impact and usability of your home – not forgetting the front and back sides of it.

Apply New Paint

An easy improvement is to paint everything from your garden fence to the walls of your house. This reinvigorates the outside of your property, adds to the curb appeal, and gets rid of any flaws.

Add Decking/Patio

You can significantly improve your back garden with some decking or patio to provide an outdoor entertainment area. This will be great for hosting guests or putting a table to eat outside in the summer. Not to mention it drives your property value through the roof.

Garden Landscaping

Think about switching up your garden by adding in some stone pathways or a lovely water feature. Don’t go too elaborate or it can actually harm your property value. Planting flowers is also a great idea to add a splash of color and make your garden more attractive.


There are almost too many improvements you can do to the inside of your home. But, these are the best ideas that will yield the most favourable results.

Paint (Again)

It’s not just the outside of your home that could do with a lick of paint. Chipped walls and ceilings need to be refreshed with some long-lasting paint to jazz them up and make your home a lot better.

Upgrade The Flooring

Old carpets and wooden floorboards that are creaking need to be upgraded if you want to improve your property. Think about more modern options like vinyl or laminate flooring to add a contemporary feel to your home. Generally speaking, properties with these modern floorings will end up selling for more money than those without them.

Power Saving Lights

Change your light fittings so they’re more energy efficient and can take LED lighting. Not only will this save you lots of money, but it also appreciates the value of your home by making it more eco-friendly.

Renovate Unused Rooms

If you have a spare room wasting away in your home, then change it! Turn it into a home office, study, library, breakroom – anything useful. This provides your house with more practicality and another room to entice potential buyers should you list it on the market.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes, something as simple as rearranging furniture can help your home a lot. It may provide you with a lot more space, helping you get more out of a room.


Now, not every homeowner will have a garage. However, those that do are in possession of something that can so easily improve your property in many ways.


Declutter & Create Storage Shelves

Make your garage more practical by getting rid of old rubbish/clutter and creating storage shelves. This gives you somewhere to store things without taking up room on your garage floor.

Upgrade The Door

By upgrading to a more modern garage door you will vastly improve the security of your property. As anyone in the property market will tell you, this is a great value indicator. Not only that, but it can also improve the way your house looks on the outside.

Transform Into A New Room

It’s not just spare rooms that can be transformed into something better, your garage can as well. If it’s too small to be used for car storage, then turn it into something different like a laundry room, storage room, or games room for the family.


Improving your windows will go a long way to making your property more valuable and giving you a better living experience too. Here, there are two main things you can do:

Double Glazing On All Windows

Make sure all your windows are installed with double glazing to help increase security and keep your home warmer as well.

Replace Old Curtains

Give your windows a new lease of life by decorating them with some nice new curtains. Modern curtains improve both exterior and interior aesthetics of your home, which is a big plus point. Or, you could consider some nice Venetian blinds for a totally new look.


The easier it is to keep your home warm, the better it will be to live in for you and anyone that might buy it in the future.

New Boiler/Central Heating System

Buyers would much rather purchase a home with a new boiler, meaning the value will go up. Service your old one and upgrade it if necessary

Insulate Your Home

Some thick rugs on hard floors will trap heat in rooms, and replace old wall and loft insulation is essential. For a big improvement, get a real fireplace installed so you can create free warmth with fire.


Make your home more advanced and it will be transformed into something quite remarkable. Here’s what you can do:

A Smart Home

Install a smart tech system in your home so you can control things like lighting, thermostats, and even your appliances via an app on your phone.

USB Charging Ports

Get some USB charging ports installed near your plug sockets to make your home more future proof and usable.


Solar Power

Adding solar panels to your home gives you green energy and makes your home incredibly more valuable on the market. Systems are slowly becoming cheaper, and this is a great time to invest.

Modern Security

Switching from old key locks to modern options like pin pads or fingerprint scanners will upgrade the security in your home, making it both safer and more valuable. Also consider how you use WIFI and how secure it is as it is also used for accessing your home tech appliances.

Everything mentioned in this guide is designed to improve both the value and usability of your home. Try as many as you want, and perhaps see if you can tick them all off your list by the end of the year.

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