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How to pick the right windows for your property


Whether you are building your own home, or you plan to renovate your existing home, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing the right windows for your property. You will want to have windows fitted that will look nice and let in plenty of light, but you don’t want to end up feeling as if you are living in a fish-bowl.

It can also be quite difficult to plan your home décor without actually knowing what your finished windows will look like. Unless you are having the same style windows installed as a neighbour, you may not have anything to compare your design choices with.

The style of your windows will have a great bearing on the design choices you make, often right down to they sort of kitchen you will have installed and even the choice of door knobs you go for. Your colour scheme choice will also depend on the amount of light being let in by your windows – if you have a large window installed on a south-facing wall, the light flooding in could risk washing out a very pale colour scheme. It would mean you  having to redecorate a whole room with a less subtle colour scheme using more rich or vivid colours.

Window Style

Your windows will be responsible for all the natural light within your home, as well as the ventilation and the overall atmosphere created indoors. You can see how windows play a huge part in the design of your home.

Maintenance-Free Windows

The most popular choice for windows today are maintenance free double glazing options. Unlike traditional wooden framed windows, uPVC double glazing does not need sanding down or painting. This means that you will never have to worry about treating or repainting your windows every couple of years – even after years of use and exposure to bad weather.

What Looks Good?

Guessing is not an option when it comes to choosing your new windows. You can imagine what a certain style of window will look like, but you will never truly know until they are fitted. You can get a better idea by using 3D design applications to try out different styles, sizes and window designs. By doing this you can get so see what the finished window will look like as well as how they open and close, and how window dressings such as blinds or curtains will look and hang.