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5 Great Home Projects for the Family


When you want to spend time with your loved ones, but you have work to do at home, you feel torn between chores and downtime. Why not combine the two? In the following examples, you can make some significant home improvements while spending time with the family.

Create a charging station

In today’s world, every member of your family has a rechargeable device, i.e. a mobile phone. Together, design the charging station and create it in a weekend. Whether you transform old wooden crates into a cellphone/tablet condo or you insert drawer dividers in the entrance dresser, everyone will be able to pitch in and later enjoy the results of their effort.

Clean-up and de-cluttering session

On a rainy Saturday, gather the kids and select one room to makeover. Together, empty the room, wash the walls, vacuum the floor and dust the baseboards. Don’t forget the ceiling fan and the window. Once the room is clean, bring back the furniture and decorations. Only keep what is essential for everyone. Take the rest to a non-profit charity or sell it in a yard sale. Give the kids the money; that way, the next time you ask for their help, they will think of the benefits.

Mini bathroom makeover

A small project that will benefit everyone in the family is a bathroom makeover. Replacing the faucets, rolling a fresh coat of paint on the wall and ceiling and changing the accessories will rejuvenate your bathroom in no time. Depending on your children’s age, they can help with painting, cleaning, and choosing the new additions. Don’t forget to get a new set of towels. This will be the finishing touch that will bring joy to everyone.

Replace hardware on kitchen cabinets

This could genuinely be a fun family activity. After selecting the new hardware, the children help to take off the old stuff and installing new doorknobs and hinges. Aside from keeping them busy, this will be excellent for practising their fine-motor skills. Once done, your kitchen will have a fantastic brand-new look!

Curb appeal and landscaping

An excellent way to make your house look presentable and desirable is to give it a little curb appeal. Quickly done, this requires a little gardening and a bit of elbow grease. The children will love pulling weeds and planting new perennials. To give your driveway a facelift, consider concrete coating.

Combined with a new flower bed, this will make your house stand out from the rest and completely irresistible to future buyers.

Whatever your level of talent, there are many projects that you can complete with the family at very little cost. All it takes is a bit of determination, sustained effort and a wild imagination. Together, you will make your house your home and teach your children the value of doing things by yourself. Be prepared for some laughter as this will surely be amusing the first time you try.