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Stunning Trees and Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal

add value to property

Everyone wants their property to have curb appeal and transforming it creates the right first impression plus it’s a great way to increase the value of your property. Landscape your outdoor areas with a design that shows off your property’s assets and creates useable spaces so when you want to sell the property, it will attract more prospective home buyers.

Putting your own stamp on the landscaping design can be achieved even if you use a business to do the actual work. First learn about the trees and plants you might like to use. Not all trees are the same, i.e. they grow to different height and widths and there’s so many different types offering different outcomes, so engaging the knowledge of experts. The fastest way to get the look you want without selecting the wrong type of tree or plant is to spend some time with someone in the know says Take these trees for example:

Eastern Red Cedar

It is a hardy tree, which you can plant on any type of soil, and it provides good shade. Plus can offer a sound barrier which is perfect for homes on active roads. Better to attract and listen to chirping birds that like to eat red berries, than listen to road noise.

Japanese Flowering Cherry

A hardy tree blossoms into a bunch of pink flowers every season of summer. The tree is drought resistant and it blooms when others have stopped. You should be careful when pruning this tree since it does not require heavy pruning. To be safe, you can contact a professional that will give it the light pruning it needs.

It is also goes by the Yoshino Cherry and grows well in well-draining moist soil. They are susceptible to pests like spider mites, caterpillars and aphids but the cost of maintaining these trees is worth it since their iconic blossom happens in spring. You should plant them in groups to get the best results.

Sugar Maple

It is easy to plant since it grows well in different temperatures and soil types. Due to its easy growing circumstances, you can grow it to replace a tree eaten by pests or burnt down to ash. It provides a great attraction through its foliage that happens in fall and is a great representation of traditional American culture.

Maintaining your trees and plants on a regular basis is important to keep them healthy and looking good.

Prune trees

Do not let your trees overgrow and prevent sunlight from entering your home or destroy the design of the exterior of your home. Trim them for them to stick to the image you wish to portray.

Plant strategically

There may be the opportunity to replace or plant more compatible greens over time so be strategic in the design and keep to the plan as set out by your designer.

Mix colors

The colors of your trees and plants do not have to be the same as that of your home; you can mix colors that complement it but check you know what to plant and how to maintain it.

Highlight your paths

Your landscape designer will have a plan for your pathways and they will need more maintenance than the rest of your yard.

In conclusion, working on your property’s curb appeal can improve the value of your home, and attract home buyers.