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spa pool

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Inflateable Hot Tubs

For most people, the idea of relaxing in their own hot tub often comes when the temperature begins to drop and the weather becomes colder. But who wouldn’t enjoy taking a nice dip into a hot tub after a long day at work? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a summer’s day or a cool winter’s […]

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Three Space Saving Bed Ideas For Small Apartments

Between 1996-2014 the size of the average apartment in Toronto decreased by 20%, despite the fact that there was still an average of three people living there. With real estate being at a premium in the city, property developers are simply building smaller spaces for us to live in. This means that we need to […]

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5 Ways to Make your Home More Modern

If you are thinking about renovating your home to make it look more sleek and modern, it’s important to start researching what works and what doesn’t right away. By doing so, you will not only save on building costs, you’ll go in with a better idea of how to give your home a new and […]

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5 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

When you ask people about their dream homes, most will have a similar answer. They dream of mansions with lots of space and a swimming pool big enough to dive in. But that’s not everyone’s dream. Living in a tiny home has become a huge trend in recent years. There are TV shows about people […]

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chair in apartment

6 Ways To Update Your Apartment

Renovating an apartment is a costly matter. Even though apartments tend to be smaller than houses, there are many elements and rooms that need upgrading. Due to the fact that apartments are usually built in locations where there are multiple apartment buildings it might be a bit difficult to get privacy and noise separation at […]

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residential property flooring types

Flooring Types That Add The Most Value To A Property

All property owners are joined by a desire to maximise the value of their assets. While there is an almost endless list of ways to do this, both inside and outside your property, there is no doubt that making the right flooring choices should be top of the agenda. After all, these set the aesthetic […]

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dining room

Top Ways to Incorporate Cool Industrial Style to Your Property

Industrial styling is a major trend that has flourished in the past few years. This innovative and stylish look is transforming properties from traditional interiors to contemporary spaces. Taking inspiration from industrial buildings and old warehouses, people are looking at innovative materials and design to incorporate into their home. This style can be integrated on […]

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declutter your kitchen

Six ways to live with a clutter-free kitchen

Are you sick of cleaning out the clutter in your kitchen? Clearing the kitchen bench for example is rewarding, however it’s not long before it’s lost again under layers of stuff. It’s a natural dumping ground for your family’s tech devices, keys, toys etc. Even with a luxury modern kitchen which is designed to visually […]

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How To Optimize Space In Your Bedroom

If you’re living in small quarters, then you need to make the very most of the space you already have. You will need to be clever in your approach to saving space and utilizing every square inch which is afforded to you. Therefore, you should consider employing methods that trick the eye into seeing more […]

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