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Four Ways to Renovate Your Home Using Timber Frame Products

As the latest trends dictate, more and more people are adding wood materials into their already-built houses.

Using timber frame products is great because they are easy to work with, versatile, last forever if maintained properly, produce a welcoming feel, and adds insulation and soundproofing. Perhaps best of all, timber frame renovations are efficiently priced.

Timber Frame Surface Finishes

Once you decide to use timber frame products for your home renovation, it’s time to pick what kind of finish you would like it to have. Here are a few examples of the different kinds of timber wood finishes available.

Planed S4S– If you are looking for a finish that is smooth to the touch on all sides, this is the finish for you. A wood planer is used in this finish to create a smooth, even thickness.

Textured– Want a more robust and rugged look? Textured timber frame finishes are rougher headed. This is usually done without sanding or smoothing.

Hand Adzed– This finish will give your renovation a rustic texture. A tool called an adze is used which is an old fashioned hatchet typically made of stone, metal, or animal bone.

Distressed– Looking for that antique feel? Distressed finished timber wood has you covered. The timber will have that well-aged or “weathered” look.

Read on to learn four great ways to introduce timber into your remodel and how easy it is to renovate your home using timber frame products.

1. Timber Is Great For Outside Spaces

A deck, porch or a gazebo makes spending time outside so much better, no matter the season. These areas are great for reading, taking morning coffee, as a play area for kids or a gathering area for entertaining visitors. Timber is great for creating space where there wasn’t before, adding value and a reason to throw parties as well.

2. Timber Takes Your Staircase To The Next Level

Whether you’re in an apartment with a loft, townhouse with an upstairs or three-floor house with a basement, renovating your staircases with timber is an instant upgrade. Making your staircases a light timber accents other parts of your home in dramatic ways. Let’s not forget how great a timber staircase would look leading up to that brand new timber deck you just built.

3. Timber Floors Will Make Your Feet Say Thank You

Never forget what’s underneath you. A floor goes through a lot of wear over the years and should be one of the first things you think to renovate. Timber floors provide an instant boost in class. Dark wood floors are best for a warm look that will hide dirt and grime while light timber has the magical ability to make a room bigger. Timber floors are easy to clean—unlike carpeting, which stains easily.

4. Timber Stores Like Nothing Else

Old cabinets, cupboards, closets, crawl space doors and pretty much anything else in your home that starts with ‘C’ all look better after they’ve been redone in timber. Replace old painted wooden cabinets with the warm look of unfinished timber. You’ll look at your kitchen, bedroom closets, and wood paneling in a whole new way.


Know What You’re Up Against

Timber remodeling is a great D.I.Y. project to take on yourself or with a family member. However, it pays to know what to expect in terms of materials, cost, labor and what the actual work entails. It’s a good idea to consult with a designer, architect or builder before you start the process as they can let you know if your plan is realistic. If the project is a major one, it may require a building permit.

If the job seems too much to handle, hiring a building team is quick and easy. A timber kit can be especially helpful if you haven’t’ had a lot of experience.