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10 Beautiful Deck Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard


Have you decided it’s time to renovate your backyard deck? Maybe you’re looking to add more space or transform your backyard into something new and improved.

If so, keep reading to learn about 10 trending deck ideas that will have you and your family begging to stay outdoors.

1. Add Coverage

Adding coverage to your outdoor deck transforms it into an outdoor living space. It will completely alter the feel and add a sense of coziness and addition to your home. Plus, it will provide shade and protection from the harsh sun.

Adding coverage can be as simple as building or purchasing a pergola or completing enclosing the space with a roof and glass.

Enclosing the deck with glass will genuinely turn into an extension of your home. You won’t have to worry about harsh weather or change the flooring.

However, you can keep it simple and affordable with adding a wooden roof or pergola. One of the best building materials for decks and coverage is timber. Timber decking and roofing not only look beautiful but timber also doesn’t warp or split and is resistant to water damage.

2. Widen Berth

Adding wider deck steps has become a popular way to transform backyard spaces. Each step allows room for container gardening, which is a trend right now within the Bohemian and jungalow home design trends.

Overflowing containers full of beautiful foliage and fauna not only turn your outdoor space into a lush and inviting area, but they can also cancel out noise and clean the air around your home. Plus, home gardening has many health benefits, too including the ability to reduce stress.

3. Add Curves

Curves are in and harsh straight edges our out in 2018’s home design trends. And rounded edges are making its way to the outdoors, too.

If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard deck more unique and exciting, curve it up. Round the edges and add rounded furniture.

You can incorporate bench seating around the curve with a circular table in the middle and this is perfect for talking with friends or family, playing games, and relaxing.

4. Move it Away

Floating decks in the grounds of your property are popular additions in the ‘outdoor home design world’. Using more of the available space outside has changed the way we use decking and how we dine outdoors. No longer is dining and relaxing on small decks hard up against the house. The creation of more entertainment spaces with floating decks in the garden has evolved the way we use our outdoor spaces for eating and drinking.


More outdoor living areas increases the value of the home too. Al fresco dining is not just for the Mediterranean. Wherever your property resides getting outdoors also does a lot of good for your health and wellbeing too. Plus a backyard is not just for looking good so make your backyard a useable space for all the family and your friends.

Many homes have decks however they’re usually small, so don’t be shy with adding another one a few yards away. If you have natural wooded or bushy areas, integrate the decking within the foliage for a softer look and to create privacy and uniqueness.

If your backyard is on a slope, tame it! Build the rear edge of the deck into the hill and add a retaining wall to hold the uphill section and act as bench seating, too.

5. Include Nature

Adding natural touches is one of the easiest deck ideas. Build your deck around existing foliage to keep it natural and charming. If you have trees, build around them.

If your decking is lacking in botanicals, then add a garden wall or surround the space with container plants.

6. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your decking area provides the perfect opportunity for entertaining and the transition from kitchen to plate is a lot easier and safer too.

7. Add Multiple Levels

A great way to make your outdoor space feel larger is to add multiple levels. This design hack within deck ideas separates spaces from one another.

Uplift the area where the dining takes place or where relaxation is the goal. Place water features, hot tub, or pool in lower spaces. The options are virtually endless, and it’s an easy way to liven up your deck.

8. Make it a Wraparound

Extending your deck to wrap around the length of your home is significantly increase its square footage and give you more space for enjoying the outdoors.

It also adds the opportunity for outdoor/indoor entering of various rooms throughout the house. If you’ve always wanted to be able to step outside from your bedroom in the morning, then extending your deck to wraparound is your answer.

Depending on the style of your home, wraparound decks can also create a surrounded space for entertaining.

9. Add Water

We’re not talking about adding the cliche above-ground hot tub. It’s time to get creative in the outdoor relaxation world.


Designers are now building decks with built-in hot tubs or pools. Yes, that’s right. Picture walking out to your outdoor space and relaxing by a pool or jetted tub. And these features can be designed and built to fit your space and your desire–small or large.

Another among transformative deck ideas is adding a water feature. Add a small pond either in the middle or around the edge of your deck. You could even place the water under a bridge or around the deck stairway.

This idea is perfect for those who enjoy the soothing sound of water.

10. Put it on Top

A rooftop deck is a lovely and creative addition to any home. If you have a garage, the above space is perfect for transforming into a rooftop deck.

A rooftop deck will give your second floor added outdoor space and a special place for entertaining. It is also a romantic addition to any home, allowing a beautiful area for private overlooking.

Another benefit is that it will protect your roof (underneath) from the sun.

Which of These Deck Ideas will You Choose?

Whichever of these deck ideas you choose, you won’t regret it. Your outdoor space will transform into a beautiful extension of your home.

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