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How To Find a Reliable Tradesman And Avoid Those Kitchen-sink Dramas


Unless you are an expert in household repairs you are likely to need a qualified tradesman at some point in your life.

This creates a huge range of issues. You’ve heard the horror stories in the news, how do you find a good tradesman and avoid becoming one of those victims?

That’s where this guide is here to help! Follow these steps and you’ll find a reliable tradesman to look after you for life!

Ask A Friend

The most obvious first step is to ask your family and friends. You should be able to trust them to give you an honest opinion regarding any handyman they have used and whether they would use them again.

If nothing else you’ll find some of the ones you want to avoid!

Check Reputations

Alongside the offerings from family and friends you can look in the local advertisements and online to locate other potential candidates.

At this point you need to verify their reputation. You can ask the handyman for references and even visit some of their past clients. But, you should also look online at social media sites and forums.

Here you will find plenty of people who wish to share their stories about specific firms.

It is important to note that there are likely to be some negative comments; no one gets every job right. But you need to know that the vast majority of customers were happy with the service they got.

Use A Labor Firm

An alternative which is viable for anyone is to use a firm which specializes in labor hire Sydney. This will give you the backing of the firm should you encounter any issues with the handyman they send.

These firms work slightly different to a traditional handyman supply service. You are effectively contracting the laborer and telling them what to do; the contract can be short or long term.

Meet Them

It is essential to meet your handyman before they are given the job. This will help to ensure you have a good vibe and that you can talk to them.


If a handyman gets off track or starts to do their thing instead of what you want you need to be able to tell them they are doing it wrong!


It is worth contacting at least three potential contractors and getting quotes. A quote is essential as this offers a binding price for the work. An estimate simply tells you what they think it will be but the price can change.

Three quotes will help you to be certain that you are not being overcharged for the service. However, you don’t have to accept the lowest quote. Check what is included first.

Local Trader Schemes

It s possible there is a local trader scheme in your area which will highlight the traders that have registered and been approved by the scheme. It won’t guarantee their work but it does give you a good starting point in your hunt to find a reliable trader.

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